BGC game


This is an anime-inspired computer game, based in the Bubblegum Crisis (BGC) setting, from the Japanese anime OVAs of the same name

A demo version of the full game will be available for download from here at some point, but to show you something of what it looks like, here is a screen shot of Nene on one of the lower-floor observation decks of the ADP building. It's modeled on a scene from 'Scoop Chase' except that it's a much lower floor.

Also, here is a screen shot of Linna on the Rainbow Bridge.

And, here is an initial demo!

The program is by Knudsen, and will run on most modern Windows boxes with a recent version of DirectX, and has been tested on Windows 98.

More here soon! (Well, maybe sometime.)

Demo screen shot: Nene (45k)
Demo screen shot: Linna (47k)
Actual PKZIP'd demo : (350k)

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