Dirty Pair

This will (probably not) be expanded later...

This is some speculation on how the WWWA team the 'Lovely Angels', Kei and Yuri, (better known as the 'Dirty Pair') work.

It has been speculated that the reason they are employed as 'trouble consultants' is that they have some psychic powers, which help them out in cases, this power being shown on one of their cases...

The secret is in fact something else, they can not fail!

The logic to this is that they manipulate probability, sucking 'luck' out of their surroundings and into themselves, so the more pressure they are put under, the more luck they absorb to survive, and the more unlucky their surroundings get. So they can not fail, as they will get as lucky as they need to to succeed, but if they need to absorb that much luck...

So really, it is not their fault, but the Central Computer's, as it knows what the consequences are likely to be of sending them in, but what happens in consequence is calculated as being less worse than the consequences of not sending them in.

(c) R.O.McLean, February 1997

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