Project A-Ko

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As I think I hinted before I have some of my own ideas about what is going on in Project A-Ko. The story makes it quite clear that C-Ko (blonde and apparently brainless) is a Space Princess (in the words of my nephews). What is not clear is what A-Ko and B-Ko are.

One clue is that Special Agent Codename "D" is refered to as "D-Ko" by her captain at one point, and further more seems to be able to stand up to A-Ko in a straight fight! So you could assume she is the same sort of being as A-Ko, but not quite so good.

Would you send a princess out without a bodyguard? C-Ko might have two! The blast when she arrived devestated an immense area, and they probably lost all records. What if three baby girls were found, and (very unimaginatively) named "A-girl", "B-girl", and "C-girl" and put up for adoption, as they were "orphans". ("A" is also "Athletic", "B" is "Brainy", and "C" is "Cute.)

They would then be brought up without knowing their real roles in life, a physical and mental super bodyguard for a princess. Also B-Ko goes ga-ga on meeting C-Ko again, could this be imprinted conditioning? Not recognising the other bodyguard (A-Ko) for what she is would never happen if they had been brought-up in a civilised place. Maybe some healthy rivalry was programmed in?

The next question is why is C-Ko like she is? If you have a monarchy it is sensible to have the people adore them (super-cute!), and not have them get too many ambitious ideas off their own bat. On the other hand, C-Ko is concerned about her friends, and seems to be far better at inter-personal relationships and being interested in her surroundings than anything else, good qualities in a (figure-head) monarchy? Also in A-Ko #4 C-Ko and her mother seem very alike.

If Agent D is the same sort of being as A-Ko then she might be the captain's bodyguard (the cap certainly needs someone to look after her!), and as the captain is lower rank (but still royalty?) than a princess her bodyguard is not as good, even as an adult against an immature teenager!

Some people might think I am reading too much into Project A-Ko, but in these terms it makes sense as Science Fiction. Some people might say that B-Ko looks far too like her father, or visa versa, but if you are really into matching kids for adoption... Also Clark Kent (Superman) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) as A-Ko's parents, the animators are very fond of red herrings (see A-Ko #4), and a Krytonian and a magically-created Amazon might have to adopt...

(c) R.O.McLean, February 1994

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