Raspberry Pi Raspbian BBC Basic

ROM, 27/Dec/2015

There are a load of BBC Basic V versions for Linux, and a significant number ported for Debian, or even Raspbian. This refers to Brandy, a portable version written in ANSI C, which runs on Linux and Windows.

Brandy on SourceForge
Brandy article by 'jaguar' (on archive.com)
Brandy article by 'drobe' (on archive.com)

Brandy can be loaded using:

sudo apt-get install brandy

Note that there is a 'man' entry for Brandy.

Documentation (and some example programs) can be found in:


Seeing as the documentation is gzipped one way to read it is:

zmore /usr/share/doc/brandy/basic


zmore /usr/share/doc/brandy/use

For a more full manual:

Manual on RiscOS.com

(Reached from: http://www.riscos.com/support/developers/index.htm )

There are no obviously available PDFs, free to download. The 'classic' set of manuals is:


for thirty quid (the Basic manual is one of a set of four RISC OS 2 manuals).

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