Raspberry Pi Set-up

ROM, 27/Oct/2015

Under Linux:

download NOOBS (approx. 960M)
extract into a directory

insert SD card into reader (8G minimum, up to 32G)
open a terminal window
(note that the root password is required)

gparted /dev/sdb
(assuming 'sdb' is the SD card)

using gparted delete all partitions on the SD card
create a new FAT32 partition filling the card,
if desired with a name like "NOOBS_1_4"
apply the operations; this erases everything on the card

exit from superuser
close terminal window

copy the NOOBS files into the top-level directory on the card
(warning: this takes a while, even on a fast SD card)

dismount SD card
insert SD card into Raspberry Pi SD card slot
power-up Raspberry Pi

NOOBS will run automatically on booting
Follow the menu instructions to install required Operating Systems
(Raspbian is recommended as a minimum; note this is ~3Gb)

Warning: running NOOBS wipes anything existing on the SD card

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