Manikin Creation - ROM, 07/Mar/95

Allows construction of a manikin using 1 pint of fresh (living) blood and 1D4 weeks per 10 hit points the creature has. Mind-linked manikins are Homonculi (see Monster Manual) and require blood from the person to be linked to. Manikins made using above the 4th level potion may be free-willed, the required blood is then that of the creature the construct is basically to resemble (free-willed may be imprinted with understanding of one language during construction).
                 Maximum   Max.  Max. Charac.   Specials
Level Mark Hits AC Height  Move INT WIS Other 1 2 3 4 5 6
4th    I    10   6  9"-2'  6/18   6   0   3   2 - - - - -
5th    II   20   7 18"-4'  9/15   9   3   6   3 1 - - - -
6th    III  30   5 30"-6'   12   12   6   9   4 2 1 - - -
7th    IV   40   3 42"-8'    "   15   9  12   4 3 2 1 - -
8th    V    50   1 48"-10.5' "   18  12  15   5 4 3 2 1 -
9th    VI   60  -1 60"-12.5' "   19  15  18   6 5 4 3 2 1

Level is level of potion, Mark is the quality of manikin, Hits is maximum hit points (5=1HD), AC is skin AC, Height is 1-2.5" per hit point (average weight is as appropriate to height and build, +/-50% range), air move only applies if winged (unassisted winged flight only possible upto 36"), INT may not be less than WIS, maximum reduction -6 (only WIS may be less than 3). Specials are the extras added during construction, higher specials may be degraded to lower ones, one-for-one; standard specials for homonculi are Wings and Sleep Venom Bite.

Other specials are possible and new specials may be researched as potions but only by building manikins can they be tested. Basic specials are concerned with the basic form and capabilities, others give various (often potion-like) abilities.

Basic(1): speech, eat normal food, normal emotions, development potential (gives the ability to learn), wings (if Ht>36" gives +3" Fly), +2AC (max +4), +3 Charac.(max +6&18, not INT or WIS), +3"move (max +6", ground & air), +10 hits (max +20, need extra blood and time), fighting (use weapons as Ftr of hits/5 otherwise as monster of HD hits/10), sex (otherwise sexless, but still infertile), normal appearance (not needed if 6th+level potion), normal healing (otherwise only healed by alchemy, cost 100gp and 1 day per hit point, or special healing potions made at plus one on normal level).

4th(1): infravision, waterbreath, (fixed)polymorph to humanoid(4-8'), det. magic or illus. or invis.(3"), sleep venom bite, feather fall, change self, feign death.

5th(2): see invis, polymorph to humanoid(4-8'), immune normal missiles, ogre STR, fly@6", levitation, +1 level spells.

6th(3): see invis & ether, (fixed)poly self, immune normal weapons, hill giant STR, fly@12", fire or cold or lightning resist(max +4/-2), blink(as dog), invis, +2 level spells.

7th(4): see invis, ether & astral, poly self, immune < +1 weapons, fly@18", dim door, stone giant STR, +3 level spells

8th(5): see aura, gaseous form, immune < +2 weapons, frost giant STR, fly@24", teleport, regen.1/trn, mind-link(24" (D&D: 18")), messenger.

9th(6): clear sight, (fixed)shapeshift, immune < +3 weapons, fire giant STR, fly@30", teleportal, regen.1/rnd, doppleg. messenger.

Movement specials (blink, d.door etc) cost STR and/or CON points for two turns per use, special's level minus two points, choose distribution. All other specials are usable at will and can stay activated all the time, even while sleeping or unconscious.

(c) Rory O. McLean, 1980 - Jun. 2004
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