Requisites: Int 15+, Wis 15+, Dex 15+.

Level   Experience  HD  Points  Notes
  1              0  1D6   10    1st level spells
  2          5,000   2    20    2nd level spells
  3         10,000   3    30    Brew Potions I
  4         25,000   4    40    3rd level spells and Auto-heal
  5         50,000   5    50    Brew Potions II
  6         75,000   6    60    4th level spells
  7        100,000   7    70    Brew Potions III and Invol. Heal
  8        200,000   8    80    5th level spells
  9        300,000   9    90    Brew Potions IV
 10        400,000  10   100    6th level spells and Construct
 11        800,000  +1   110    Brew Potions V
 12      1,200,000   "   120    7th level spells
 13      1,600,000   "   130    Brew Potions VI
 14      2,000,000   "   140    8th level spells
 15      2,400,000   "   150    Brew Potions VII
 16      2,800,000   "   160    9th level spells
          +400,000   "   +10    maximum

This class draws its powers from association with other planes close to the Prime Material, the Negative and/or Positive Material plane. Good (Bio)ergists draw principly from the Positive plane, Neutral (Thaumat)ergists draw equally from both planes, and Evil (Necro)ergists from the Negative plane. Thaumatergists are less powerful than either Bio or Necroergists as they are not closely connected with either plane.

'ergists require at least 15 intelligence, wisdom and dexterity as their art requires great skill and quickness of thought. A bonus of +5% to earned experience is gained if have above the minimums, +10% if total of abilities is above 47. Experience should be gained for the useful use of powers, 50 points per hit point cured/caused and 250 points per level/hit dice of creature whoes life is effectivly saved/taken (half this if items are used) is suggested.

Use of Equipment and Magical Items

'ergists may not use shields and are untrained in the use of armour, so it reduces their hit probability one per +1 armour class, e.g. leather gives AC7 hence -2 Hprob, chain -4, plate -6. They are rarely trained in the use of weapons other than staff and dagger and are at least -2 Hprob with others, gaining none of the strength bonuses of fighters or any dexterity armour class bonus, they advance in fighting skills as magic-users. Some 'ergists train in unarmed combat rather than any weapons as they gain +1 damage for every 3 levels (1-3 +1, 4-6 +2 etc) due to their knowledge of bodies, Wounds could be added to normal damage.

Devices which have any of the spells on their table or which have or confer healing/wounding or psionic powers may be used. Hence a Necroergist or Thaumatergist could use a Wand of Paralysis as could a Bioergist in dire straits as the spell Cure/Cause Paralysis is on their table. No control or illusion generating items may be used however all protection devices bar bracers may be. Magical weapons they are trained with may be used. Scrolls of any class may be used if the spell is on their table.

Certain items have improved function in the hands of an 'ergist, e.g. a Bioergist heals 2D6+2 with a D6+1 Staff of Healing, a Rod of Death has -2 from save V death ray in the hands of a Necroergist; the function of potions does not change. A Thaumatergist gains the advantage of being able to use either "good" or "evil" items freely.

Healing Abilities

Healing/Wounding is the core ability of 'ergists and they have a capacity of 10 damage points per level per day, regained one per level per 5 turns of full rest/sleep.

Healing or wounding is done by touch or if at least 5th level close contact (4 inches), it may be resisted to give half effect if a saving throw against magic is made.

The maximum rate of healing is one point per 3 levels attained per round on others, double this on self.

The maximum number of points of healing in one 'session' is twice the 'ergist's level and a maximum per day of the recipient's constitution points of healing per 3 levels attained by the 'ergist, double both these limits on self. Also there must be a delay of 6 turns between healing sessions on the same recipient (but not on self). DMs may choose to ignore any or all of these limits if they interfere with the flow of play.

The cost of healing in damage points varies. Necroergists heal at double cost or weakness, Bioergists wound at double cost or weakness and Thaumatergists heal and wound at double cost or weakness. Weakness means effective half level for abilities and half physical strength and constitution for 2D6 rounds.

Healing of self is at half cost, i.e. 2 points per 1(2) used. Only creatures the 'ergist is familiar with may be healed, familiarity is gained by considerable physical study or by use of an Empathy spell, any creature may be wounded. 'ergists may 'heal' undead in the reverse way to normal creatures by wounding them, a heal on an undead creature wounds it. Deaths caused/lives restored by Good/Evil 'ergists except in strict self-preservation causes loss of one life energy level (this is known before hand).

A Bioergist's Wounding Bolt will put creatures into metabolic shock if it reduces them to zero hit points or less, only curable by an 'ergist's touch of at least the same level, a Raise Dead, or a Cure All Wounds/Heal spell (may then be healed from zero hit points), regenerating creatures are only reduced to negative hit points.

Healing Limits

        Max/round    Max/session  Max/day(xCon)
Level   Others Self  Others Self  Others Self
  1        1     2      2     4     1x    2x
  2        1     2      4     8     1x    2x
  3        1     2      6    12     1x    2x
  4        2     4      8    16     2x    4x
  5        2     4     10    20     2x    4x
  6        2     4     12    24     2x    4x
  7        3     6     14    28     3x    6x
  8        3     6     16    32     3x    6x
  9        3     6     18    36     3x    6x
 10        4     8     20    40     4x    8x
         +1/3  +2/3    +2    +4   +1x/3  +2x/3


'ergists gain a wide range of abilities in addition to

1st:  Heal/Wound, Recognise Hit Points and Regeneration ability,
      Resist Disease, Paralysis and Drugs, 1st level spells
2nd:  Disease Immunity, Resist Poison, 2nd level spells
3rd:  Brew Potions I
4th:  Paralysis and Drug Immunity, Resist Pain, Recognise Disease
      and Poison, Auto-heal, 3rd level spells
5th:  Resist Allergy, Proximity Heal/Wound, Brew Potions II
6th:  Recognise Healing/Wounding items, Poison Immunity,
      Level Drain, Emotions, Confusion and Shock Resistance,
      4th level spells
7th:  Involuntary Heal/Wound, Feign Death, Brew Potions III
8th:  Level Drain and Emotions Immunity, Death Ray/Spell,
      Petrification and Polymorph Resistance, 5th level spells
9th:  Mind Speak, Confusion and Allergy Immunity, Brew Potions IV
10th: Death Ray/Spell Immunity, Recognise Affliction/Benefit,
      Telekinesis, Construct/Recharge, 6th level spells
11th: Petrification Immunity, Mind Shield, Brew Potions V
12th: Polymorph and Shock Immunity, Resist Addiction,
      7th level spells
13th: Levitation, Brew Potions VI
14th: Disintegrate Resistance, Exteriorise, 8th level spells
15th: Recognise Life, Brew Potions VII
16th: Addiction and Disintegrate Immunity, Auto-assemble,
      9th level spells


 1 *Empathy
 2  CLW
 3  Slow Disease
 4  Slow Poison
 5 !Strength
 6 !Dexterity
 7 !Constitution
 8  Contraceptive
 9  Detect Poison
10  Detect Disease
11*!Read Magic
12 !Stop Bleeding
13 !Block Pain
14 *Project I

 1 *ESP
 2  CSW
 3  Cure Disease
 4 *Neutralise Poison
 5  Infravision
 6  Waterbreath
 7  Animate Dead
 8  Speak w Dead
 9  Cure Blindness
10  Feign Death
11 !Repair Bone
12 !Locate Disease
13 !Clean Wound
14 *Project II

 1 *Telepathy
 2  CCW
 3  Protection/Disease
 4 *Mental Block
 5  Animal Growth
 6  Plant Growth
 7  Revive Dead
 8  Cure Deafness
 9  Cure Paralysis
10 !Protection/Pain
11 !Cure Concussion
12 !Remove Exhaustion
13 *Clair-
14 *Project III

 1 *Telekinesis
 2  CAW
 3  Protection/Poison
 4  Protection/Wound
 5  Protection/Paralysis
 6  Energy
 7 *Remove Magic
 8  Cure Lycanthropy
 9 *Identify Potion
10 *GESP
12  Restore Life
13  Fertility

 1 *Levitation
 2  Ressurect
 3  Regeneration I
 4  Cure Insanity
 5 *Stone-Flesh
 6  Suspend Animation
 7  Slay Undead
 8 !Attach
 9  Immunity/Disease
10  Immunity/Pain
11  Cure Plague

 1 *Shift
 2 *Reincarnate
 3  Regeneration II
 4  Cure Addiction
 5  Protection/Shock
 6  Sustinance
 7  Undead-Human
 8 *Mind Scan
 9*!Major Surgery
10  Reassemble
11  Immunity/Poison
12  Immunity/Paralysis
13  Cure Aging

 1 *Jaunt
 2  Clone
 3  Regeneration III
 4  Cure Allergy
 5  Protection/Death Ray
 6  Change Plane
 7 *Shapeshift
 8 *Mind Probe
 9 !Repair Nerve
10  Protection/Level Drain

 1 *Return
 2  Longevity
 3  Correct Disfigurment
 4 *Ethereal Spell
 5 *Mind Blank
 6 *Mind Link
 7  Restore Memory
 8  Immunity/Shock

 1 *Wind Walk
 2  Summon Soul
 3  Changeling
 4  Doppleganger
 5 *Astral Spell
 6 *Shape Change
 7 *Mind Alteration
 8  Immunity/Level Drain

"!" means optional spell and the DM may disallow its use due to it being unnecessary or too powerful, an alternative spell may be learned. The DM may veto the reversal of some spells as noted in the explanations.

"*" means the spell is non-reversable.

Explanation of Abilities

Recognise: works by visual inspection or if not possible by means of some other sense or Empathy.

Resistance: +2 saving throw or make saving throw against effect if there is normally no saving throw, effects have -10% duration, -2 per dice of damage or a duration of only 2D6 turns (3D6 for Thaumatergists) if normally of indefinate duration.

Immunity: are not effected by the effect, however if exceedingly powerful (e.g. 7th+ level spell, artifact effect, required save at -10) then treat as if Resistance.

Auto-heal: unless wish otherwise then are automatically healed at maximum self healing rate. Thaumatergists are only healed at half rate. Necroergists auto-heal "negative" points, and if auto-heal twice own hit points become undead of own level hit dice (DM's choice: 4th-5th wight, 6-7th wraith, 8th-9th spectre or vampire, 10th+ ghost or (Necroergist) liche; never demons or devils, where there are alternatives having less of the body left inclines towards non-corporeal), these negative points may be converted to normal hit points as normal self healing.

Resist Allergy: in addition any natural allergies that an 'ergist has are lost on gaining this ability.

Emotions Resistance/Immunity: includes Fear and similar spells as well as being overwhelmed by normal emotions.

Involuntary Heal/Wound: causes those touching an unknowing 'ergist to be healed/wounded the 'ergist's level hit points, with a Thaumatergist it is random which happens, at double cost (2x(4x)level damage points). The maximum is 10 points, if are healthy healing does not take place, if 'ergist is 10th+ level mearly touching garb is enough and a Cure/Cause Disease may take place (Bioergist: healthy- no effect, diseased- Cure; Necroergist: less than 20 hits- Wound, 20+ hits- Cause, diseased- Cause; Thaumatergist: 50% chance of either as Bio or Necro). This ability may be suppressed by mild concentration or stopped for a turn by a rounds concentration, Thaumatergists may suppress the ability for 6 hours by a turns concentration; restored at will.

Feign Death: as the 2nd level 'ergist spell but usable only on self and started or stopped at will.

Mind Speak: may read surface thoughts and transmit surface thoughts to enable communication with any creature with a mind (even plants at 12th level). Normal range is level x 1", light concentration +50%, total concentration (minimum a turn) 10% cumulative chance of failure per range doubling per 3 rounds. Double range if receiver has ESP, triple range if has telepathy or Mind Speak.

Telekinesis: a telekinetic ability of 100gp per level. This may be used to lift objects, (un)tie knots, throw creatures off balance, reduce weapons hit probability (one weapon -4, or 2 -3, or 3 -2, or 4 -1) etc. May feel the weight and movement of objects affected.

Construct: various healing/wounding devices may be constructed at varying cost in time and money (consult DM).

Recharge: may recharge healing/wounding items one charge per day per level above 9th, e.g. staff of healing (charge using variety), rod of cure disease.

Mind Shield: totally blocks ESP, GESP, telepathy and Mind Speak both ways and functions as a psionic Mind Shield, raisable and lowerable at will.

Levitation: as the 5th level 'ergist spell but usable at will, switching between the two types requires landing or free fall and takes a round.

Exteriorise: acts as GESP but with the viewpoint at the place perceived, a ghostly form of the 'ergist may be produced if desired. In some respects similar to Astral Projection limitted to the material plane and with short range. Telekinesis may be used with this. Range 1"/level, a Project spell will multiply the range by 2/4/8. Takes one turn to activate and one round to "return".

Recognise Life: allows life or unlife in any form through almost any defences (e.g. Invisibility, Non-detection) to be recognised by sight and in a 1" radius, even on the ethereal and astral planes. Functions automatically.

Auto-assembly: causes the reassembly of the 'ergists body even if dismembered, at a place large enough for it if within 1" per level of largest part, as part of the process of Auto-heal. Pieces removed to no more than two planes away are teleported back, or regenerated if destroyed. Functions unless will otherwise.

nth level spells: allows spells of this level to be learned (use sum of requisites divided by 3 for Known Spells) and casting a spell uses n x 6 damage points (e.g. 3rd=18). Spells are cast by touch (see Project), reversed healing/wounding spells are double cost or weakness, all spells are double/weakness to Thaumatergists, except those marked "*".

Brew Potions: allows brewing of certain potions in one week at a cost of 250gp and one week per level of potion. One potion at a time may be made plus one per higher level Brew Potion known. Potions have effect as the spell with duration 6+D6 turns if this is longer than the spell duration, and level equivalent to the minimum level to cast that spell, +2 per extra level of Brew used, e.g. if Brew Potion III is used instead of Brew Potion II for Neutralise Poison then the equivalent level is 4th rather than 2nd. If the maximum number of potions is brewed then all the 'ergists time is required, otherwise sum the levels of potions being brewed, divide by the maximum number of levels and x100 to find the percentage time used, e.g. 7th level and brewing 1xIII, 1xII and 2xI, 3+2+2=7, maximum is 3+4+3=10, 7/10x100=70%.

For convenience the number of simultaneous brews is:

                       'ergist Level
Brew  3       5         7         9        11        13        15
I     1       2         3         4         5         6         7
II    -       1         2         3         4         5         6
III   -       -         1         2         3         4         5
IV    -       -         -         1         2         3         4
V     -       -         -         -         1         2         3
VI    -       -         -         -         -         1         2
VII   -       -         -         -         -         -         1


2 Strength
3 Dexterity
4 Constitution
5 Stop Bleeding
6 Empathy
7 Block Pain

 1 CSW
 2 Neutralise Poison
 3 Infravision
 4 Waterbreath
 5 Cure Disease
 6 ESP

 1 CCW
 2 Cure Deafness
 3 Cure Paralysis
 4 Protection/Pain
 5 Protection/Disease
 6 Telepathy
 7 Clair-
 8 Remove Exhaustion

 1 CAW
 2 Cure Lycanthropy
 3 Protection/Poison
 4 Protection/Wound
 5 Protection/Paralysis
 6 Telekinesis
 8 Mental Block
 9 Manikin Creation I

 1 Levitation
 2 Regeneration I
 3 Cure Insanity
 4 Sustinance
 5 Suspend Animation
 6 Immunity/Disease
 7 Manikin Creation II
 8 Special Brew I

 1 Shift
 2 Regeneration II
 3 Cure Addiction
 4 Protection/Shock
 5 Stone-Flesh
 6 Cure Aging
 7 Manikin Creation III
 8 Special Brew II

 1 Jaunt
 2 Regeneration III
 3 Cure Allergy
 4 Shapeshift
 5 Repair Nerve
 6 Protection/Level Drain
 7 Manikin Creation IV
 8 Special Brew III

Manikin Creation I: see Manikin Creation.

Manikin Creation II: see Manikin Creation.

Special Brew I: see Special Brew.

Manikin Creation III: see Manikin Creation.

Special Brew II: see Special Brew.

Manikin Creation IV: see Manikin Creation.

Special Brew III: see Special Brew.

Manikin Creation: is the process of creating living creatures, either homonculi or (free willed) manikins. See Create Manikin in the "Alchemists" character class, the various Manikin Creation potions, and for more detail the short form or full "Manikin Creation" rules. 'Ergists count as an Alchemist of the same level for the purposes of growing manikins, once they actually have a Manikin Creation potion, and their version of this potion is freely interchangable with the standard alchemical one. Intermediary levels may be made, such as Manikin Creation II+ at 6th level.

Special Brew: is a store for a number of healing points in potion form. In its base form it stores 10 points, +10 per extra level. These are normally used by an 'ergist by drinking after using at least this number of points, no more than half the total number of points may be safely recharged without at least one hours rest by this means. More exotically someone could be fed the potion by the 'ergist and an attempt made to convert the points into healing/wounding or a spell made, with Int+Wis+Dex+Level% chance of success. Non-'ergists drinking such a potion unsupervised is treated as Involuntary Heal/Wound, limited by the points in the potion.

Explanation of Spells

Spells marked "*" in the Spells list, the non-reversable ones, expend 6 points of healing/wounding capacity per spell level for all 'ergists. All other spells are double cost (12/level) for Thaumatergists or weakness for 2D6 rounds at basic (6/level) cost. Weakness means effective half level for abilities and half physical strength and constitution. Bioergists may use healing or Positive Material plane powers at basic cost, reversed as Thaumatergists. Necroergists may use wounding or Negative Material plane powers at basic cost, reversed as Thaumatergists.

Spells require contact to work so a "to hit" roll is required if the recipient is unwilling, in some cases there may be a further saving throw. If one of the Project spells (which are automatically learned) is used no contact is required for healing/wounding or spell casting and a healing/wounding session or a spell may be performed by a gesture or merely a willing or glance; unconsciousness is required to be absolutly certain of preventing healing/wounding or spell casting. There is a saving throw as appropriate (save V magic for half effect for healing/wounding) if the recipient objects when using Project.

Spells "projected" may be used on any target the 'ergist can sense unless there is a living being in the way or some form of barrier to 'ergist type magic.

Spells have no verbal or material components except where noted though these may be used to impress the natives.

Spell casting time is one segment per spell level unless notes otherwise except for "psionic" spells which take half this time.

Spell Explanations


Empathy: establishes a mental bond on the physical and emotional levels with a creature. Emotions may be exchanged and the 'ergist may study and become familiar with the physical structure of the creature. Duration: 2 g.turns. Non-reversable.
Level: 1st.

CLW: cures/causes 1D6+1 damage points in one m.turn. Duration: permanent.
Level: 1st.

Slow Disease: doubles the incubation period of a disease or if already active reverses the course of the disease by the 'ergists level of hours. The reversed spell causes the active portion to be half duration and +25% (chance of) ill effects. Duration: as disease.
Level: 1st.

Slow Poison: slows the effect of a poison by half and even if below zero hits poison damge is apparently removed if spell cast within 'ergists level g.turns of going below zero. The creature looses 1 hit point from the poison per g.turn though may not go below 1 while the spell lasts. Duration: 1 hour/level.
Level: 1st.

Strength: increases/decreases strength: fighters- 2D4, clerics & bards- 1D6, magic-users & thieves- 1D4. Duration: 8 hours. Optional.
Level: 1st.

Dexterity: increases/decreases dexterity: thieves- 2D4, fighters, bards & magic-users- 1D6, clerics- 1D4. Duration: 8 hours. Optional.
Level: 1st.

Constitution: increases/decreases constitution: barbarians & rangers- 2D4, fighters, bards, magic-users, clerics & thieves- 1D6, illusionists- 1D4. Duration: 8 hours. Optional.
Level: 1st.

Contraceptive: blocks fertility in male or female of any normal creature indefinately. Reversed restores fertility. Can also be removed by a properly directed Remove Curse or Cure Serious Wounds spell, the clerical blessings of fertility gods, and the alchemical potion Neutralise Drug: Contraceptive (2nd level). Some major healings may restore fertility as a side-effect. Duration: permanent.
Level: 1st.

Detect Poison: will note the range and location of poison within 5'/level and may detect range 20'/level. May mask poison similar range 50% chance against own level +5% per level above, -2% per level below. Duration: 2 g.turns.
Level: 1st.

Detect Disease: as Detect Poison but for diseases even during incubation. Duration: 2 g.turns.
Level: 1st.

Read Magic: as magic-user spell. Non-reversable, Optional.
Level: 1st.

Stop Bleeding: causes clotting of a wound/prevents a wound clotting. Duration: permanent/2 g.turns. Optional.
Level: 1st.

Block Pain: prevents the feeling of pain/prevents unconsciousness due to pain. Duration: 2 g.turns. Optional.
Level: 1st.

Project I: causes a spell or healing/wounding cast at the same time to work at a distance. Healing becomes a Healing Bolt (wounds undead), and wounding becomes a Wounding Bolt looking respectivly like a flash of white or black lightning. Spells give no visible sign of being cast. Several different project spells may not be stacked. Range: 10'/level. Duration: one spell/healing/wounding. Non-reversable.
Level: 1st.


ESP: as Empathy and in addition simple thoughts (words) and mental pictures may be exchanged. The appropriate language must be known to allow full or rapid communication. Duration: 6 g.turns. Non-reversable.
Level: 2nd.

CSW: cures/causes a serious wound of 2D6+2 damage points in one m.turn. Duration: permanent.
Level: 2nd.

Cure Disease: automatically cures any one disease (choose) if used during incubation. If active then must be familiar with the creature unless are above 9th level. If reversed only known, natural diseases with an incubation period may be caused, -10% incubation period per level (i.e. zero at 10th level). Duration: permanent: as disease.
Level: 2nd.

Neutralise Poison: affects all poison in creature's system and even if below zero then works if cast within 'ergists level g.turns of going below zero. If allowed to be reversable then effect is twice the 'ergists level in dice, half if save. Under AD&D count 1 dice as 5 points, extrapolate tables for 'death'. Duration: permanent/as poison. Non-reversable (DM option).
Level: 2nd.

Infravision: gives 60' range infravision. Duration: until sleep; at least 8 hours.
Level: 2nd.

Waterbreath: gives free breathing of water/air. Duration: until leave water/air; at least 8 hours.
Level: 2nd.

Animate Dead: (de)animates undead skeletons or zombies from dead skeletons or bodies. Creatures with body HD above one count as one basic undead per HD. Zombies gain +1HD, e.g. ogre (4HD) skeleton- 4HD/4 basic undead, ogre zombie- 5HD. Deanimation has a save as a monster of the undead's HD, or as the animator if present and this is higher. Affects 2D6 undead/HD, +D6 per extra spell level used (may use up to maximum). Radius: 30'. Duration: permanent.
Level: 2nd.

Speak w Dead: forces a dead creature to give knowledge it had while living in the form of up to three questions or allows conversation with the spirit of the dead creature. Effect is based on level, below 5th only dead up to level turns, below 7th up to level hours, below 11th up to level days, and above 10th with no time limit. Reversed prevents spell from being used on the body. If the body is willing or if personally slew it and know a language common with it in life answers must be clear and complete, otherwise they may be cryptic; conversation with the spirit may not be forced and depends on it being available. Duration: level g.turns.
Level: 2nd.

Cure Blindness: cures any form of non-hereditary blindness, and even this if 10th. Reversed inflicts total organic blindness, may be hereditary if 10th (optional). Inflicted blindness may be healed by CLW or equivalent if inflicter is below 10th. Duration: permanent.
Level: 2nd.

Feign Death: causes a death trance where all life signs disappear, recipient is (un)conscious as required having 10' range GESP. Otherwise effect is as AD&D spell, stopped by caster or reverse of spell. Reversed can temporarily reverse Supended Animation: Duration: up to 1 hour/level.
Level: 2nd.

Repair Bone: restores all parts of one damaged bone or group of bones to their correct position so C~W or Healing may be done. Reversed breaks a non-supporting bone or causes a dislocation. Duration: permanent/until heals. Optional.
Level: 2nd.

Locate Disease: locates any disease within range and with concentration gives the type of disease or identifies it if previously known. Reversed may mask diseases similar to Detect Poison. Radius: 60'+10'/level. Duration: 2 g.turns. Optional.
Level: 2nd.

Clean Wound: cleans any infection or fine debries from a wound, including Mummy touch, so no infection, scars or gangreen will occur. At 10th cleans the touch of Clay Golems. Reversed causes infection, hideous scaring or gangreen as desired and at 10th may act as Mummy or Clay Golem touch; an open wound is required. Duration: permanent. Optional.
Level: 2nd.

Project II: as Project but double range. Range: 20'/level. Duration: one spell/healing/wounding. Non-reversable.
Level: 2nd.


Telepathy: as Empathy and in addition complex thoughts, ideas and mental pictures may be exchanged without having a common language. Also functions as the magic-user spell ESP. Duration: 6 g.turns. Non-reversable.
Level: 3rd.

CCW: cures/causes a critical wound of 3D6+3 damage points in one m.turn. Duration: permanent.
Level: 3rd.

Protection/Disease: gives +2 saving throws and -30% effect (duration, -1/3 chance of ill effects). If are 10th level then bonus is +4 and effect is -60% (-2/3). Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 3rd.

Mental Block: protects the recipient (mind not body) from Empathy, ESP, Telepathy, psionic attack and similar. However may use no Psi abilities, spells or devices. Duration: 8 hours. Non-reversable.
Level: 3rd.

Animal Growth: controls the size of animals between 8 times and one eighth of their original size (may not increase Giant animals). For every time the size is doubled/halved in/decrease their attacks, HD and move (may also alter AC). The maximum is one doubling/halving per 5 levels (i.e. 1st-5th x2/x0.5, 6th-10th x4/x0.25). However may negate the full effect of others spells or potions/devices. Duration: 12 g.turns.
Level: 3rd.

Plant Growth: as spell, reverse to dispel. Duration: until dispelled.
Level: 3rd.

Revive Dead: (Near Death) restores life to a creature not below its constitution negative hit points, and not below zero more than 10 mins, to zero hit points. Reversed causes a near-fatal attack reducing to zero hit points (half current if save), or if regenerate/auto-heal to constitution hit points negative. Has no effect on creatures FODed. Duration: permanent.
Level: 3rd.

Cure Deafness: as Cure Blindness, but for hearing. Duration: permanent.
Level: 3rd.

Cure Paralysis: as Cure Blindness but for all voluntary movement bar the head and neck, these at 10th. Duration: permanent.
Level: 3rd.

Protection/Pain: blocks pain though still retain sense of touch. Reversed prevents unconsciousness due to pain. Duration: 8 hours. Optional.
Level: 3rd.

Cure Concussion: removes concussion and any related effects but does not restore lost memory. Reversed causes dissiness, discoordination etc. Duration: permanent/until recover. Optional.
Level: 3rd.

Remove Exhaustion: (Cause Exhaustion) removes all fatigue and restores those freshly "raised" to full health by restoring reserves etc. Reversed causes massive fatigue equal to all but one hit point, i.e. nearly subdued; a quarter effect is restored per 2 hours. Duration: permanent/8 hours. Optional.
Level: 3rd.

Clair-: as any one of the Clair senses- voyance, audience, tangency (touch), olfaction (smell), gustance (taste), or any other natural sense such as balance. Duration: 6 g.turns. Non-reversable.
Level: 3rd.

Project III: as Project but quadruple range. Range: 40'/level. Duration: one spell/healing/wounding. Non-reversable.
Level: 3rd.


Telekinesis: a telekinetic ability of 200gp/level. This may be used to lift objects and move them at 30'/turn (+30'/half of maximum, i.e. 1/8 gives 120'/turn), (un)tie knots, throw creatures off-balance, reduce weapon H.prob (one weapon -4, or 2 -3, or 3 -2, or 4 -1), etc. The weight, mass and movement of objects effected is sensed. Duration: 3 g.turns. Non-reversable.
Level: 4th.

CAW: cures any wounds if damage is up to 27 points, else heals 4 points/round until reaches 27 points damage then are fully healed. Reversed either causes a 4D6+4 point wound, or wounds at 4 points/round until have reduced at least 27 below maximum hit points or until dead. Duration: permanent/1 wound.
Level: 4th.

Protection/Poison: gives +2 saving throws and -30% effect (duration and -1 per D6). If are 10th level then bonus is +4 and effect is -60% (duration and -2 per D6). Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 4th.

Protection/Wound: prevents wounds from bleeding and gives +2 saving throw against C~W and -30% effect (duration and -1 per D6) of wounds; effectivly gives +30% hit points. If 10th level +4 and -60% (duration and -2 per D6). Usable on undead. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 4th.

Protection/Paralysis: gives total immunity to non-magical paralysis and +2 saving throw and -30% effect, only 2D6 g.turn duration if permanent (3D6 for Thaumatergists). If 10th level +4 and -60%, 1D6 g.turns (2D4 Thaumatergists). Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 4th.

Energy: restores one life energy level blasted by undead or magic, if 10th level restores multiple levels done by one attack of Spectres etc. Reversed blasts away one level, two if 10th. Duration: permanent.
Level: 4th.

Remove Magic: safely removes curses, polymorphs or other magics affecting the mind or body, at 10th is as effective as a Limited Wish for these purposes, and at 15th a Full Wish. Non-reversable.
Level: 4th.

Cure Lycanthropy: cures all bar hereditary lycanthropy and that contracted on a night of the spring full moon, at 10th may effect the latter and cure the former for 2D6 days. May be used to give control over lycanthropy if treated once/day for beast HD weeks. Reversed is only hereditary if 10th level and any or a random beast may be selected, full control may be given but must be Familiar with the beast form. Duration: permanent.
Level: 4th.

Identify Potion: identifies any potions effecting mind or body, or poisons, venoms and drugs (etc) and gives a 7% chance/level of identifing potions granting magical powers. Duration: 2 g.turns. Non-reversable.
Level: 4th.

GESP: combines all the Clair senses, almost as good as being there. Duration: 6 g.turns. Non-reversable.
Level: 4th.

Surgery: may bloodlessly reach into a creatures body and make adjustments and remove or insert foreign bodies, but not inside organs or through bone. May also pass through non-metallic clothing etc. Gain 6 inch range GESP. Magic resistance and (non-dexterity based) saving throws cannot prevent this. Note that this spell does not effect the ergists torso and hence cannot be used for moving through creatures or things. Duration: 6 g.turns. Non-reversable, Optional.
Level: 4th.

Restore Life: (Remove Life) revives those not over either their constitution or hit points in negative points (use greater negative), and not dead more than a base 6 g.turns, doubled per level higher, at 13th+ those dead D5+2 days; as a Raise Dead. Reversed reduces to either constitution or hit points negative (use greater) but regeneration/auto-heal is still possible. At 10th +10% (-2 save) success. Has no effect on creatures FODed. Duration: permanent.
Level: 4th.

Fertility: restores fertility in males or feamales of any creature lost by any means except total loss of the reproductive organs or hereditary problems, even heals hereditary problems at 10th. Further heals any problem of the reproductive systems which are of physical origin or which cause such things as birth defects; 10th+ level is required for hereditary problems. Creatures still in the womb/pouch/egg can be healed of almost any disorder using this spell. Restoration of lost gonads requires some form of major organ regeneration. Duration: permanent.
Level: 4th.


Levitation: gives option (select when cast) of either Fly (as magic-user spell, at 18") or Levitation with a vertical movement rate of 12" and slow horizontal movement, at 3". Duration: 6 g.turns. Non-reversable.
Level: 5th.

Ressurect: revives the dead with limits as Restore Life, but no recovery is necessary. Alternativly may be used so as to require normal recovery, but with 95-100% chance of sucess (by target's constitution). The spell can also be used, in conjunction with a clerical Raise Dead cast simultaneously, to cancel penalties to chances of ressurection due to exotic forms of FOD or Slay Living (e.g. that of a Priest of Don). If the Remove Exhaustion spell is not allowed than this spell will function as one. Reversed this spell is -2 saves, -4 if 10th, and reduces the targets hit points as Restore Life also leaving the target as if freshly raised (this assumes regeneration/auto-heal). Duration: permanent/as freshly raised.
Level: 5th.

Regeneration I: causes regeneration at 1 hit point per g.turn. May also be used to re-attach or replace minor limbs or features (e.g. fingers, nose, external ear). Will not regenerate major limbs or destroyed or missing organs. Replacement of body parts requires one casting per day over days or weeks. Peripheral nerves can be regenerated but not brain or spinal cord. Reversed causes 1 hit point per g.turn but will not reduce below zero hit points and there must be a wound to start degeneration. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 5th.

Cure Insanity: will cure any form of insanity less than that due to hereditary brain damage or very major (god/wish) curse. Reversed may cause any form of insanity that the 'ergist is familiar with. Duration: permanent.
Level: 5th.

Stone-Flesh: as magic-user spell, but not reversable and stone that was not originally flesh may not be turned to flesh. Non-reversable.
Level: 5th.

Suspend Animation: causes complete suspended animation for 1-100years, or may be set to awaken on one or more of up to 3 specific clues. Can be woken by the casters touch in any case. There is only a saving throw if Project is used and this is at -4. Reversed dispells any form of suspended animation or feign death bar that with gross physical causes (e.g. body frozen solid). If desired the mind can be awoken seperately. This spell is usable on undead. Duration: as listed.
Level: 5th.

Slay Undead: is similar to (De)Animate Undead but applies to all types of undead and effects 5D6 levels/HD, +D6 per extra spell level used (may use up to maximum). Undead save as Deanimate Undead but with +2 save per hit dice over the number rolled and -2 save if 10th level. Effected undead will be transformed to living creatures if they have a functional human body (e.g. vampire, very fresh zombie), became undead unwillingly, and make a Ressurection Survival roll. Liches are effected (but not Illusionist Liches with a puppet-type body). Reversed transforms a single willing (alive or dead) creature into free-willed undead, no saving throw. The undead has the same HD as the creature and this number at least must be rolled (failing has no effect). If the creature is dead it must be transformed within the Restore Life time limits. Radius: 30'. Duration: permanent.
Level: 5th.

Attach: re-attaches a freshly (1 g.turn or less) severed limb, head or extremity, fully and heals all consequent damage except for blood loss and/or death. All blood vessels, nerves, etc, are joined correctly and the replaced part is fully functional. Reversed cripples a major limb or the neck, selected if touched but at random if projected. Duration: permanent. Optional.
Level: 5th.

Immunity/Disease: gives total and absolute immunity to any form of disease, and diseases may not linger on body or equipment to effect others or after the duration expires. If are 10th may Slow Disease by touch throughout the duration of this spell. Reversed gives no resistance at all to disease and if 'ergist is 10th touch causes reversed Slow Disease. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 5th.

Immunity/Pain: totally prevents any form of physical or mental pain including that from psionic attacks, emotional shocks, etc, while not preventing knowledge of the damage. Also gives immunity, or at least resistance (+2 save & -30% effect; +4 & -60% if 10th) from most forms of fear, as fear can be considered a form of mental pain, while remaining clearly aware of the threat. Reversed prevents unconsciousness due to pain, increases minor pains and fears so they are almost unbearable, and causes insanity unless save against magic if subject to stress. Duration: 8 hours. Optional.
Level: 5th.

Cure Plague: automatically acts as a Cure Disease spell in all respects but may be used any number of times on the same disease. Several of these spells could be running together for different diseases. Reversed allows repeated infliction of the same disease selected from known, natural diseases with incubation period as Cure Disease. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 5th.


Shift: a Dimension Door which allows the user to GESP the target area in outline before moving and to change target or abort the movement if desired. The casting time varies from 1 segment to a round depending on the amount of time spent looking. There is no disorientation or recovery time with this spell. Range: 10'/level. Non-reversable.
Level: 6th.

Reincarnate: as the magic-user spell but with more control. Reincarnation may be into the usual summoned/created body, or into a simulacrum, clone or other copy of the original body, or into a dead or otherwise "empty" body (animal body, FODed body, etc). Combined with a Doppleganger spell this is as effective as a Full Wish for returning the dead to life. Duration: permanent. Non-reversable.
Level: 6th.

Regeneration II: causes regeneration at 1 hit point per round, or per g.turn at triple duration. May also be used to re-attach or replace major limbs or destroyed or missing organs, but will not repair a smashed and killed body. Replacement of body parts requires one casting per day over days or weeks. Reversed causes 1 hit point per round (or per g.turn at triple duration) but will not reduce below zero hit points and there must be a wound to start degeneration. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 6th.

Cure Addiction: cures any and all forms of addiction. Reversed may only cause addictions are familiar with. Duration: permanent.
Level: 6th.

Protection/Shock: protects from the harmful effects of shock and, optionally, from pain as a Protection/Pain spell. This improves the chance of surviving System Shock or Ressurection roll, or of resisting 'gut feelings' such as a draconic aura of fear, by giving an effective 18 constitution, halving the chance of failure or doubling the effective level, whichever is best. Additionally may fight on with negative hit points for 2D4 rounds as long as not below half constitution points negative. Reversed gives -4 effective constitution, double failure chance or half level, whichever is worst. Additionally whenever more than 20% of current hit points is taken in one round then make a System Shock roll or collapse for 1D6 g.turns. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 6th.

Sustinance: supplies a creatures body with the energy to keep it alive for 1 hour/level even if not breathing, heart stopped, no blood in body, dismembered, etc. All fragments of the body, including blood, are sustained separatly. The creature may be (un)conscious and (not) able to feel pain as desired. Alternativly effects as a Sustenance potion (no need to eat or drink) for 1 day/level. Reversed removes all value from food, drink and air in a creatures body doing half level D6 of damage and requiring a System Shock roll to avoid collapse for 1D6 g.turns and doubles the creatures need for food, drink and air for 1 day/level. A saving throw halves the damage, gives effective +4 constitution for the System Shock roll and reduces the duration to 1 hour/level. The saving throw also prevents the killing of the creatures digestive/metabolic symbiots, intestinal bacteria in humans, which can have rather unpleasant effects. Duration: 1 hour or 1 day per level.
Level: 6th.

Undead-Human: is similar to Slay Undead and effects 10D6 levels/HD, +2D6 per extra spell level used (may use up to maximum), of any sort of undead returning them to their human form and age just before they were killed or made undead in full health and with no required Ressurection Survival roll. If the number of undead is a third or less of the 'ergists level there is no saving throw unless the target has more HD than the 'ergist. Reversed a single willing creature is transformed into free-willed undead of the 'ergists choice but not under the 'ergists control. It can also be used to transform unwilling creatures or corpes into skeletons or zombies, with HD equal to their original not their body HD. Unwilling creatures receive a saving throw. Radius: 30'. Duration: permanent.
Level: 6th.

Mind Scan: gives full access to the thoughts and feelings of a creature. Allows probing of recent memories by stimulating the creatures recall (key by time of occurance or partial image), though this makes the creature consciously remember the events being probed. A creatures senses can be used by the 'ergist without their being aware of it, or full two-way telepathy can be used. Alternatively minds may be scanned for within the area of effect (radius = range of Project used), the general nature of the minds perceived (takes 1 segment/creature) and Mind Speak used with any or all of them. If the creatures have telepathy then the 'ergist may act as a "switchboard", relaying messages and broadcasts to the whole group. It takes 1 round to switch concentration to a new creature or to the general scan/relay function. Duration: 1 g.turn/level. Non-reversable.
Level: 6th.

Major Surgery: is as the Surgery spell except that may reach inside organs and bones, and only mithral, adamantite and other magical materials prevent passage. Duration: 1 g.turn/level. Non-reversable, Optional.
Level: 6th.

Reassemble: is used to re-unite parts of a body so that raising or regeneration may be used to restore life. It will replace missing or destroyed parts to a maximum of 5% of original mass per ergists level, maximum 95% in any case. Parts within 10' per level of ergist and no more than two planes away are automatically transported to join the part on which the spell has been cast. Parts more distant are transported but not re-united (another Reassemble or an Attatch could then be used). Parts of other bodies mixed in with fragments of the desired one are automatically rejected unless the caster wishes otherwise. Composite creatures thus constructed must not contain any parts from creatures the 'ergist is not familiar with. The spell will work on the living, on those dead up to the Restore Life time limit, and on undead. Duration: permanent. Non-reversable.
Level: 6th.

Immunity/Poison: gives total and absolute immunity to any form of poison, and poison may not linger on body or equipment to effect others or after the duration expires. If are 10th may Slow Poison by touch throughout the duration of this spell. Reversed causes double effect of any poison and the touch causes a reversed Slow Poison. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 6th.

Immunity/Paralysis: gives total and absolute immunity to any form of paralysis, and paralysis effects may not linger on body or equipment to effect others or after the duration expires. If are 10th may Cure (non-magical) Paralysis by touch throughout the duration of this spell. Reversed causes double effect of any paralysis, or the paralysis acts as poison instead, whichever is not appropriate for the type of paralysis. Further the touch acts as ghoul paralysis. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 6th.

Cure Aging: restores up to 10 years aging caused by undead, etc. It can also prevent death, but not restore youth, from failing potions of Longevity. It does not effect aging caused by spell use or natural passage of time. Reversed it causes up to 10 years aging as desired, or can make the next Longevity potion taken guarantee to fail. Duration: permanent.
Level: 6th.


Jaunt: a Teleport which allows the user to GESP the target area in outline before moving and to change target or abort the movement if desired. The casting time varies from 1 segment to a round depending on the amount of time spent looking. There is no disorientation or recovery time with this spell. Non-reversable.
Level: 7th.

Clone: as the magic-user spell except that the 'ergist may tell by inspecting the clone sample whether the creature it was taken from is alive. This inspection counts as if a 4th level spell "Inspect Clone" (which does not need to be separately learned, or count towards maximum number of spells) was used. Further if Reincarnate is used with a clone the creature is restored as it was when it died in almost any circumstances and any damage the creature had taken since the clone sample was taken ignored, unless it was actual damage to the soul/spirit. Duration: permanent.
Level: 7th.

Regeneration III: causes regeneration at 3 hit points per round, 1 hit point per round at triple duration, or one per g.turn at 27 times duration. It is very difficult to kill a creature regenerating at 3 points/round unless the body is treated as that of a troll and each part is carefully consumed with fire or acid. May also be used to re-attach or replace any missing body parts, or will repair a smashed and killed body as long as there is some flicker of life in it (limited as Revive Dead). Replacement of all lost body parts requires one casting per day over days or weeks. Reversed causes 3 hit points per round (or slower rates with increased duration) but will not reduce below zero hit points and there must be a wound to start degeneration. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 7th.

Cure Allergy: cures any and all allergies. Reversed may only cause allergies are familiar with. Duration: permanent.
Level: 7th.

Protection/Death Ray: gives +4 saving throws from death rays and death magic, including FODs and Slay Living, or if they have no saving throw a normal saving throw is gained. Spells or effects which normally have effects even if save do not have these effects and if are killed then there is no reduction in the normal chance of being restored to life caused by some effects, and a Restore Life will work. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 7th.

Change Plane: allows movement to an adjacent plane, and GESP may be used as Shift beforehand. For example material to ethereal, ethereal to elemental or astral, astral to divine/demonic, or the reverse. Alternativly may move someone else, no save if touch, save if projected. Non-reversable.
Level: 7th.

Shapeshift: as magic-user spell, but only to creatures are familiar with. Non-reversable.
Level: 7th.

Mind Probe: gives full access to the thoughts and feelings of a creature. Allows probing of any memories by stimulating the creatures recall (key by time of occurance or partial image), though this makes the creature consciously remember the events being probed. A creatures senses can be used by the 'ergist without their being aware of it, or full two-way deep telepathy can be used. Alternatively minds may be scanned for within the area of effect (radius = range of Project used), the exact nature of the minds perceived (takes 1 segment/creature) and Mind Speak used with any or all of them. The 'ergist may act as a "switchboard", relaying messages and broadcasts to the whole group. It takes 1 round to switch concentration to a new creature or to the general scan/relay function. Duration: 1 g.turn/level. Non-reversable.
Level: 7th.

Repair Nerve: restores damaged nervous tissue of any sort, and any lost function or memories associated with that tissue. Reversed causes memory loss, selective if used with Mind Probe, effects similar to a stroke (cerebral embolism), selective or total loss of function in a selected limb, or paralysis of any or all parts of the body; heart attacks or other effects are also possible. Duration: permanent. Optional.
Level: 7th.

Protection/Level Drain: gives a saving throw at +4 against one life energy level drain, and saving throws at -4 against subsequent ones, e.g. if hit by a 4 level drain then make save at +4, if save then no effect from one, if save at -4 (a normal save) no effect from two, at -8 from three and -12 from all four. Multiple hits in one round are considered separately. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 7th.


Return: similar to the clerical spell Word of Recall but no word is required and the return point may be GESPed at any time desired. This spell is cast to "set" the return point and then is usable once at any time thereafter without using any more magic. If several return points are desired at once the spell must be re-cast once per day for each extra point beyond the first. Duration: permanent/until used. Non-reversable.
Level: 8th.

Longevity: restores any aging caused by undead, this spell reversed, etc. It can also force potions of Longevity to work, or alternativly reduce age by 10 years with the normal Longevity failure chance. It does not effect aging caused by spell use. Repeated casting of this spell each day for one week per effective year old a creature is will stop a creature aging further, except unnaturally. Reversed it causes aging as desired but not to the point of death, or can make any future Longevity potions taken guarantee to fail. This spell does not work on 'ergists except to restore unnatural aging. Duration: permanent.
Level: 8th.

Correct Disfigurment: corrects any form of disfigurement to mind or body, including any curses, insanity, scars, lost parts, unnatural changes or hereditary problems. Further heals all and any wounds. There must still be at least a flicker of life in the creature (limits as Revive Dead) and no roll is required. Functions as a Remove Exhaustion and any number of Energy spells if necessary. Duration: permanent.
Level: 8th.

Ethereal Spell: allows release of the spirit onto the ethereal plane where it may travel freely at up to 100/mph and "overlook" the material plane at any point. Only psionic spells may be cast in this form, and even while overlooking can effect the material with little other than Telekinesis. The spirit is totally invisible except when overlooking when it may be sensed as a feeling of being watched, disturbance amongst animals or may be seen using True Sight or similar. At the end of the duration the spirit must return to the body as quickly as possible, this will be possible eventually no matter what disturbances on the ethereal. The body is completly warded from possesion, needs no food, water or air, does not age and is indestructable by any normal means (even disintegrate) as it is between the planes and protected by most of the 'ergists power. If desired may return to body and leave again several times during the duration as long as do not sleep. Duration: 1 hour/level. Non-reversable.
Level: 8th.

Mind Blank: totally blocks ESP, GESP, telepathy and Mind Speak both ways and functions as a psionic Mind Shield, raisable and lowerable at will. When raised are immune to any mental effects, including Charms, Holds, Hypnosis, Emotions, mental forms of Fear, Bardic and Dragon Charm, Confusion and Chaos, etc. Additionally precognition will not work while raised, nor will any other form of mental sensing. The effects of shielding, but not the immunities, may be extended selectivly to a radius equal to the range of Project, if one is used. Note that all effects are two-way and mental/psionic spells and effects may not be used while raised. Non-reversable.
Level: 8th.

Mind Link: as Mind Probe but full two-way telepathy may be set up between all creatures in range, rather than acting as a relay, or a full two-way deep telepathic link set up between any two creatures in range. With repeated sessions a mind capable of learning magic-use may be modified to be capable of learning to become an 'ergist at the cost of all and any magical, clerical and psionic spells or powers which are not part of the basic nature of its body, and most combat reflexes. The link may be used for rapid transfer of skills between creatures, re-training lost skills, or impressing skills and personalities on blank minds; multiple personalities may be built if desired, the creatures cooperation is not required in any case. Duration: 1 g.turn/level. Non-reversable.
Level: 8th.

Restore Memory: restores memory lost by any means, and gives the creature a brief (1 g.turn) period of total recall. If used in conjuction with Mind Probe selected memories may be restored. Duration: permanent/1 turn.
Level: 8th.

Immunity/Shock: protects from the harmful effects of shock and, optionally, from pain as an Immunity/Pain spell. This removes any chance of failing System Shock or Ressurection rolls, or of being effected by 'gut feelings' such as a draconic aura of fear. Additionally may fight on with negative hit points for as long as not below constitution points negative. Reversed gives guaranteed failure. Additionally whenever more than 40% of current hit points is taken in one round then make a System Shock roll or collapse for the spell duration. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 8th.


Wind Walk: Duration: 1 hour/level. Non-reversable.
Level: 9th.

Summon Soul: allows summoning of any soul or spirit which is not currently in a body and which is known in some way. Knowledge may be a name, a treasured belonging, a favoured place, part of the body, familiarity with the particular creature (i.e. have used Empathy on them at some time), presence of someone with strong bonds to them, etc. The spirit is forced to come unless it has full god status, or is a greater elemental/demonic power, and may optionally come if it has more power than this. Once the spirit is there there will be no problem with time limits on healing spells or need for remaining life in a body and there is no shock or survival roll required. Spirits may even be compelled into bodies they do not wish to enter though mortals have the option of immediately dying again if they wish to. Reversed ensures a spirit may not be called back to a particular body, or using a particular means, etc; this may be used to destroy some temples or (un)holy places. Duration: 1 g.turn/level, reversal is permanent.
Level: 9th.

Changeling: changes the body of a creature from one species to another leaving no magical residues, i.e. not dispellable; changelings breed true to their new species. One major use is to make animal young into human babies to replace lost children; pigs, dogs or even horses are often used. The only sign of their origin is an empathy with their original species, though this could be the origin of weres given further drastic magical meddling. This spell does not effect the mind and will not increase the mass of the creature much. A changeling can have any desired heriditary from creatures the 'ergist is familiar with, even strange and exotic mixes of two creatures that could not naturally interbreed. Reversed breaks a Changeling spell of no more than a year duration on a child or indefinate duration on an adult; almost nothing else will do this including Wishes. Duration: permanent.
Level: 9th.

Doppleganger: recreates the body and mind of one the 'ergist has known (and generally has used Empathy on) exactly as they were with full powers and any required (non-magical) equipment. This "doppleganger" will act exactly as the original would except it is not upset about not being the original. They are destroyed on confronting the original and at will by the creating 'ergist. May be used with Reincarnate to restore a creature as it was when it died but with no injuries other than those to the very soul/spirit; this is at least as effective as a Full Wish and is not dispellable in any way. Reversed allows destruction of normal Dopplegangers (otherwise impossible without a Full Wish), restoration of undead from dust, custom construction of unliving bodies for off-planar "visitors" and the healing of other planar creatures no matter what has been done to their bodies. Duration: permanent/until dispelled.
Level: 9th.

Astral Spell: as Ethereal Spell but may teleport the spirit between any plane, and within planes, at will. It is usually possible to teleport straight back to the body, even if it has been moved. Duration: 1 hour/level. Non-reversable.
Level: 9th.

Shape Change: as magic-user spell. Non-reversable.
Level: 9th.

Mind Alteration: functions as Mind Link but in addition allows alteration of any creatures mind, deleting or implanting skills, compulsions, fears and even complete secondary personalities. Further, composite minds may be constructed with pieces from various sources. These effects may be made invisible to all bar very detailed deep mind probing and even a Mind Link will not reveal them. This spell will work on anything with a mind including undead and some robots. Duration: permanent. Non-reversable.
Level: 9th.

Immunity/Level Drain: gives total immunity to any form of level drain and take no damage from the coldness which goes with it. Additionally may draw the effect of level drains from others, each level then counting as only a tenth of a normal level drain. Reversed doubles the effect of level drains and touch causes one life energy level drain. Duration: 8 hours.
Level: 9th.


Construction of Items


This is an expansion of the Construct/Recharge ability gained by 'ergists at 10th level, also known as Name Level. It is based on the Spellsmith system of magic item construction and treats 'ergists as wizards, i.e. non-specialist enchanters, in most respects.

The main difference between 'ergist and magic-user enchantment is that 'ergists must enchant powering spells, along with the functional spells, and are very limited in the permanent enchantments they can construct.

If items are made without a powering spell the 'ergist using them must supply the power as if they were casting the spell themselves. This is as standard if the spell is no more that two levels above the maximum level the 'ergist can cast, in this case the spell is double power cost or weakness, or if already double power cost then double power cost and weakness, e.g. Nadia, a 4th level Thaumatergist uses a ring with Regeneration III, a 7th level spell, for a Thaumatergist this spell would be double cost or weakness even if she could cast it so it is double cost, 2x7x6=84pts, and weakness, unfortunately a 4th level 'ergist only has 40pts...

Material components are not used in 'ergist spells and ceremony and symbolism is of little importance to them, however there must be magical materials in the things they enchant so the cost of enchantment is only half that of a magic-user.

Enchantment Spells

'Ergists may learn a totally separate set of spells for use in enchantment, the "workshop" set. The number and chance of learning them is the same as "Known spells" and may include spells that a normal learning roll has failed on. Any spell known normally need not also be learned as a workshop spell. They may also have "failed" spells, see the Spellsmith rules for further details. If an item supplies the power for a reversable spell it must supply double points no matter what sort of 'ergist the enchanter was. Note that items, like normal spells, need a Project to be ranged.

Reversable Spells: when a spell is enchanted which is reversable the enchanter chooses which form the item will always function as. Spells may be enchanted so as to be reversable when used, for Thaumatergists this means they must be enchanted as if one level higher and for Bioergists and Necroergists two levels higher. The enchantments when used will not use any more power than normal even though they have been enchanted at a higher level. Reversable spells have a "default" setting though long use in the other setting might change this. Reversing a spell counts as a complex control function.
Level: +1/+2.

Power Spells: are a set of spells starting at 3rd level and are closely related to the Brew Potions "Special Brew". The base form stores 10pts, +10 per extra level. This spell is used to provide power for other enchantment and to make items of stored or self-charging points. The 3rd level spell is "Power Spell I", the 4th "~ II", etc. Non-reversable (but double cost).
Level: 3rd+.

Power Wells: are similar to the equivalent Power Spell but do not supply any power in themselves. However twice the equivalent power may be stored in them, i.e. a base 20pts, +20/level, either from an 'ergist or a Power Spell. Normally they are enchanted with a Power Spell which slowly recharges them however if they are dedicated to a particular set of spells enchanted with them which do not include a Power Spell then they are 30pts, +30/level. The 3rd level spell is "Power Well I", the 4th "~ II", etc. Non-reversable (but double cost).
Level: 3rd+.

Power Tap: draws power from the nearest creature to power spells or fill a Power Well, from the spell/item user by choice, to a maximum of 30pts, +30/level. If this is an 'ergist points are used as if the 'ergist cast the spell at double cost and a choice may be taken to take weakness rather than double cost if ready for the tap. Non-'ergists are tapped for hit points which are converted into two points per hit point. Undead and creatures with non-living bodies are also effected (magic resistance not applicable if they were trying to use the item); creatures with mechanical or illusionary life-forces cannot be tapped. Creatures are never tapped beyond their constitution hit points negative and tapping in itself will not kill them. Hit points lost to tapping do not regenerate/auto-heal and normal healing and healing magics are half effect (CAW cures 14pts); Energy restores 27 hit points and at 10th+ level fully restores as does a clerical Restoration spell or Limitted Wish. Non-reversable (but double cost).
Level: 4th+.

Involuntary Heal/Wound: is a workshop only spell which if enchanted acts as this ability, used by at at least 10th level 'ergist; Thaumaturgists may choose on casting whether it acts as a Bioergist, Necroergist or at random. Wearing an appropriate active item of this spell can suppress an 'ergists ability, a Thaumatergist wearing one would force the ability to always function one way, e.g. Nadia, an 8th level Thaumatergist is wearing a cloak of Involuntary Heal so her normally random ability is forced to act as a Bioergist (but double cost), two would be needed to completely suppress. Abilities suppressed in this way do not draw on the 'ergists points but the spell needs power every activation. If this spell could be used in the field it would have an 8hr duration and need a power source.
Level: 5th.

Standard Enchantment Spells:

 1 Amulet
 2 Scarab
 3 Cloak

 1 Ensoul Device
 2 Gauntlets

 1 Bind Spell
 2 Pendant
 3 Helm
 4 Soul Device

 1 Purpose Device
 2 Control Spell
 3 Torc
 4 Book
 5 Talisman

Explanation of 'Ergist Enchantment Spells

Amulet: as standard enchantment.
Level: 5th.

Scarab: as standard Human enchantment.
Level: 5th.

Cloak: as standard enchantment.
Level: 5th.

Ensoul Device: as standard enchantment.
Level: 6th.

Gauntlets: as standard enchantment.
Level: 6th.

Bind Spell: as standard enchantment.
Level: 7th.

Pendant: as standard enchantment.
Level: 7th.

Helm: as standard enchantment.
Level: 7th.

Soul Device: as standard enchantment.
Level: 7th.

Purpose Device: as standard enchantment.
Level: 8th.

Control Spell: as standard enchantment.
Level: 8th.

Torc: as standard enchantment.
Level: 8th.

Book: as standard enchantment.
Level: 8th.

Talisman: as standard enchantment.
Level: 8th.

Types of Enchantment

Instant Temporary cannot be done by 'ergists.

Prepared Temporary can be used for any spells but power must be obtained from some source, possibly a Power Spell etc enchanted in parallel. Potions made using these rules, rather than Brew Potions, only last one day per level of the enchanter away from the enchanter's person. Reversed Neutralise Poison may be enchanted to become double the enchanters level D6 poison, the enchanters level Blade Venom and half the enchanters level Contact Poison none of which need to be kept near the enchanters person. Items of Power Spell are limitted as Brew Potions "Special Brew" if used alone rather than enchanted with a spell.

One Use is as Prepared Temporary.

Charged enchantments need power from some source. Thus to be independent a "charge" would consist of the spell plus Power Spell(s) to power the spell. This determines the rate at which items can be recharged; note recharge does not cost (the 'ergist) money. It is allowed to have a spell powered by several parallel Power Spells though recharging is more difficult, for example:

Nadia, a 10th level Thaumatergist, has a wand of Revive Dead, a third level spell. This spell requires 36pts to power it which would require a Power Spell IV (6th level, supplies 40pts) which can't be enchanted into a wand by an 'ergist less than 14th level (6th = 10th, +4 levels as Charged enchantment). However, two Power Spell II enchantments (4th level, supplies 20pts) could be used instead. The problem is that this cost more to recharge: 1x3 + 2x4 = 11 spell levels = 132pts, as opposed to: 1x3 + 1x6 = 108pts. More effort is required to construct the item as well. As Nadia only has 100pts then even assuming 12hrs combined full rest and recharging gives her 800pts this only means 6 recharges a day and will ruin her health quite rapidly.

Charged items of Power Spell are limited to a maximum points per day as an 'ergist of their level of effect, e.g. a wand of Power Spell I could in theory supply 100x10 = 1000pts but as wands have 6th level of effect it is limited to 60pts, as would be a 6th level 'ergist without special rest. This limit does not apply to powering spells enchanted into the same device.

Self-Charged enchantments are made as a magic-user but power is needed from some source. (Several parallel) Power Spell enchantments may be used similarly to Charged enchantment. The "once/day" of a Power Spell indicates how much can be used from it over that day, and it does not necessarily have to be used all at one time. Several times per day Power Spells are usually associated with a Power Well which they keep topped up.

Permanent, Keyed enchantments are made as a magic-user except that any 'backfire' effects must be selected and enchanted by the 'ergist. Cause Disease, Cause Blindness, or reversed Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution are often used. The backfire may function as a sufficiently powerful Power Tap without the need to enchant one.

Permanent enchantments include 'psionic' spells and some others with long duration which are the exception in not needing a supply of power if permanently enchanted, these are:

 1 Empathy
 2 Slow Disease
 3 Slow Poison
 4 Detect Poison
 5 Detect Disease
 6 Stop Bleeding
 7 Block Pain
 8 Project I

 1 ESP
 2 Infravision
 3 Waterbreath
 4 Speak w Dead
 5 Feign Death
 6 Locate Disease
 7 Clean Wound
 8 Project II

 1 Telepathy
 2 Protection/Disease
 3 Mental Block
 4 Protection/Pain
 5 Clair-
 6 Project III

 1 Telekinesis
 2 Protection/Poison
 3 Protection/Wound
 4 Protection/Paralysis
 6 Surgery

 1 Levitation
 2 Regeneration I
 3 Slay Undead
 4 Immunity/Disease
 5 Immunity/Pain

 1 Shift
 2 Regeneration II
 3 Protection/Shock
 4 Sustinance
 5 Mind Scan
 6 Undead-Human
 7 Major Surgery
 8 Immunity/Poison
 9 Immunity/Paralysis

 1 Jaunt
 2 Regeneration III
 3 Protection/Death Ray
 4 Change Plane
 5 Mind Probe
 6 Protection/Level Drain
 7 Shapeshift

 1 Return
 2 Longevity
 3 Ethereal Spell
 4 Mind Blank
 5 Mind Link
 6 Immunity/Shock

 1 Wind Walk
 2 Astral Spell
 3 Shape Change
 4 Mind Alteration
 5 Immunity/Level Drain

Spell Notes

Levitation: levitate or fly must be specified when enchant.
Regeneration I: can be enchanted as auto-heal but then needs power supply, and Bind Spell if is to be capable of being turned off.
Shift: as self-charging but no power supply required.
Jaunt: as Shift.
Return: as Shift.
Longevity: gives immunity to aging which is not taken when item is removed.
Ethereal Spell: as Shift.
Wind Walk: as Shift.
Astral Spell: as Shift.
Shape Change: as Shift.

Another application of permanent enchantment is to enchant a Power Well, or possibly several in parallel, which is recharged by a self-charging Power Spell and acts as a power supply for several self-charging or permanent spells which require a power supply. These spells can't be powered from, nor can the well be recharged from, an external source but with training an 'ergist might learn how to draw on the well. This is how a Rod of Ministering is constructed for example.

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