Class Builder - JET, 12/Jul/05

Character resources and Costs (in XP) - to allow the building of variable and Multi-class characters for 1st Ed AD&D.

Characters have various Resources available to them in the AD&D game, these are many, but the main ones are:

1. Hit Points (HD)
2. Saving throws (Resistances)
3. Combat Ability (THAC0)
4. Spell Lists
5. Spell Boxes
6. Weapon proficiencies (WP)
7. Non-weapon proficiencies (NWP)
8. Class related talents (Not Racial ones)

The issue of whether non-human characters should pay extra XP for their racial abilities (in exchange for giving up the Non-human level limits - which nobody uses!), is another matter, which I shall have to give thought to.

HD   Normal Class      XP Cost
D12  Barbarian         500
D10  Fighter, Paladin  400
D8*  Ranger            350
D8   Cleric, Druid     300
D6   Thief, Assassin   200
D4*  Monk              150
D4   Magic User        100

* two HD are gained at first level

Saving Throw  XP Cost
As Cleric     200
As Fighter    150
As MU, Thief  100

THAC0       XP Cost
As Fighter  800
As Cleric   600
As Thief    400
As MU       200

Spell List      XP Cost
As MU           1200
As Illusionist  950
As Cleric       300

Spell boxes:
All cost 500 XP per set of boxes gained at 1st level - Ranger and Paladin spells gained at higher level cost 10% i.e. 50XP on BXP value.

WP's                      XP Cost
As Fighter                400
As Ranger, Paladin, Monk  300
As Cleric, Thief          200
As MU                     100

NWP's cost 150XP for all classes unless have more than 3 at 1st level, when cost an additional 50XP to BXP value. This takes no account of bonus NWP for High INT.

Class related talents:
Things such as Multiple Attacks at higher levels, Turn Undead, the ability to use various Magic Items, Thief skills, Senses (per Barbarian), Tracking, racial enemy bonus (for Rangers), various Monk abilities. Cost 100XP.


Class    Fighter
HP       400
Saves    150
THAC0    800
Sp List  0
Sp Box   0
WP       400
NWP      150
Talents  100

BXP = 2000

Talents: Multiple Attacks from 7th, Benefit from Exceptional STR, Higher CON Bonuses, Magic Item Use - Weapons, Armour, Shield, Rings, some Wands, one Rod.

Class    Magic-user
HP       100
Saves    100
THAC0    200
Sp List  1200
Sp Box   500
WP       100
NWP      200
Talents  100

BXP = 2500

Talents: Enchantment of Items, Magic Item Use - Scrolls, Wands, Staves, Misc. Magic (many only usable by Magic-users).

Class    Cleric
HP       300
Saves    200
THAC0    600
Sp List  300
Sp Box   500
WP       200
NWP      150
Talents  100

BXP = 2350

Talents: Turn Undead, Enchantment of Items, Magic Item Use - Scrolls, some Wands, Rods, Staves, Armour, Shield, some Weapons.

Class    Thief
HP       200
Saves    100
THAC0    400
Sp List  0
Sp Box   0
WP       200
NWP      150
Talents  100

BXP = 1150

Talents: Thievish Skills, Backstab, Thieves Cant, Magic Item Use - some Weapons, some Armour, Rings, some Wands, Scrolls from 10th.

Class    Technologist
HP       300
Saves    200
THAC0    600
Sp List  0
Sp Box   0
WP       300
NWP      150
Talents  100

BXP = 1650

Talents: Work with Technology, Unglas, Construction of Devices from 4th, Multiple Attacks with Tech from 7th, Benefit from Exceptional STR (conditional), Magic Item Use - some Potions.


Sp List
Sp Box


Talents: , Magic Item Use -

Author: Jon Tarry, (c) 2001-2005

(c) Rory O. McLean, 1980 - Jul. 2005
    Permission granted to use for non-profit making purposes