Gremlurfs - ROM, 05/Jul/88

MOVE: 6"
HIT DICE: varies (usually 3-4)
% IN LAIR: 10%
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-4 or by weapon
SPECIAL DEFENCES: Resistance to Song and Chaos
ALIGNMENT: Lawful to Neutral; 10% evil, 15% good
SIZE: S(4')
Attack/Defence Modes: Nil
Requisites: Str 12-, Int 15+, Wis 15-, Con 13+, Dex 15+, Char 13+
            (DM choice: for AD&D -/+2)

 Level   Title        Age(yrs)  HD   Alignment

    0    Baby           0- 3     -   Lawful
    1    Very Young     3- 7    1D8  Lawful
    2    Young          7-12     2   Lawful
    3    Young Adult   12-16     3   Lawful/Neutral
    4    Adult         16-25     4   Lawful/Neutral
    5    Elder         25-45     5   Neutral
    6    Old One       45-65     6   Neutral
    7    Great Elder   65-85     7   Neutral/Chaotic
    8    Ancient One   85-99     8   Neutral/Chaotic
    9    Great A.One    100+    +2   Chaotic
   10      "     "       "      +2      "
   +1      "     "       "      +2      "

                     Snurf Powers    Gremlin
 Level   Experience  Song  T.bonus   Powers

    0        -1,125    5%   none     Chaos at  0/ 5%
    1             0   10%    2       Chaos at  5/10%
    2         2,250   20%    2       Chaos at 10/20%
    3         4,500   30%    2       Chaos at 15/30%
    4         9,000   40%    2       Chaos at 20/40%
    5        18,000   50%    1.5     Chaos at 25/50%
    6        36,000   60%    1.5     Fly at 15"
    7        72,000   70%    1       Invisibility
    8       150,000   80%    1       Silent Movement
    9       300,000   90%    0.5     Intangible
   10       450,000   95%   none     none
   +1      +150,000   +1%   none     none

Gremlurfs are a Gremlin/Snurf cross and look like blue-green slimly built gnomes with hornstubs. They are very rare as they usually only occur as a 'joke' by gremlins (on snurfs) and can not breed. They are strange creatures given to moods and inclined to obsessions and causes. They have the abilities of both parents but in a weakened or later developing form; they do not gain the 'sense' or greatest abilities of gremlins or a true group mind. As they age they become greener in colour and drift from Law towards Chaos; with a great act of will they may shed age and half the experience (non-transferably) associated with it, down to a minimum of 25yrs (5th level). The loss of age also effects alignment.

Gremlurfs can use any equipment usable to fighters but usually wear no armour, or at most (studded) leather, and no shield. At lower levels have a dislike and distrust of magic bar medical potions but this fades at 5th level and is gone at 7th (unless have shed age). The use of Chaos effects any weapon or attack leaving the hand so they rarely use missile weapons, their most common weapon being a longsword (D6) or spear (D4). They advance in fighting ability as fighters but with clerical weapon proficiencies and do not gain multiple attacks at high level. Saving throws are as fighters except they gain +4 levels on saves against mental effects (due to having a truncated group mind).

They are immune to all forms of song if they sing and this also protects others if the Song chance is made, they are immune (personally but not equipment) to all forms of chaos if their Chaos is activated; Chaos and Song may not both be used.


1) Parents are usually a male snurf and a female gremlin and are brought up by gremlins with the kidnapped male parent.

2) Gremlurfs are tone-deaf and have no appreciation of music.

Explanation of Powers

The main powers of gremlurfs are Song and Chaos. The first is a toneless song which causes irritation in intelligent creatures and a very strong tendancy to flee in unintelligent ones if the Song chance is made, all creatures in hearing range (12") are effected. Chaos is an aura of chaos similar to the gremlin effect which causes attacks to fail, weapons to break, monsters to trip and miss if the Chaos chance is made (check once per attack), the first chance is the automatic Chaos which can be (de)activated at will, the second requires concentration. Song is also used to aid concentration while doing difficult tasks, this still causes fear/irritation. Chaos also effects any range attacks used by the gremlurf so if activated a bow may break (not harming the gremlurf), spears go backwards rather than forwards etc; this also applies to use of magic.

The other powers gained from the snurf parent are a limited form of Group Mind and Technological Level Bonus. The group mind only receives and means they always sense ESP or telepathy (or similar) used on them, the location of the source and are able to block these at will or mentally 'talk' to ESP and receive answers. The group mind makes them mentally tough (hence save bonus) and as a baby can 'tap' a snurf group mind or form a limited rapport with one snurf; otherwise are very stupid babies and gain no T.bonus in later life. The T.bonus gives this level bonus in technical skills such as smithing, tinkering and engineering (see Technological Rules); at 2nd level can function as an Engineer.

The other powers gained from the gremlin parent are flight, invisibility, silent movement and intangibility. Flight is at 15" and may be used at will, may never completely stop moving and if become unconscious while flying treat as Feather Fall. Invisibility is usable at will but attacking or being hit forces visibility for at least a fifth of a round. While invisible may see other invisible things. Silent movement is usable at will and effects all sounds including equipment but attacking or being hit forces audibility for at least a fifth of a round. While silent may not hear anything. Intangibility is usable at will and allows slow movement (quarter normal move) through solid non-living objects but the gremlurf must hold its breath. Appear as colourless and transparent and may not attack or be attacked except mentally or by interplanar spells, are between the Prime Material and Ethereal planes. There must be at least half a round between becoming tangible and intangible again. While intangible may not see any colours and sounds made and heard are deadened.

Technological Rules

Gremlurf Technologists or Technicians gain the T.bonus as a level bonus in their skill with technology, but this does not alter their Understand Machine or Repair/Modify Machine chances. They gain a bonus of +15% on UM and +5% on R/MM, and if they have seen the machine working an additional +25% UM and +35% RM (not MM). Note they also gain Int and Dex bonuses. They have a basic +14% meddle chance but the meddle chance is -3% not -1% per level, any Wis modifier is tripled.

(c) Rory O. McLean, Jul. 1988
    Permission granted to use for non-profit making purposes