Ogre Magi - ROM, 06/Dec/91

Requisites: Str 15+, Int 15+; rarely Good; sum of req's 31-32
            gives +5% Exp, 33+ gives +10% Exp.

Level  Experience  HD   AC  Dam  Ht   Wt   Abilities

  1             0  1D6   7  D8    6   160  Sleep, once/day
  2         4,500   2    6  D8    8   450  Charm, once/day
  3         9,000   3    5  D10  10   875  Polymorph, at will
  4        18,000   4    4  D12  12  1510  Invis, Darkness 
  5        36,000   5    "   "    "    "   Fly at 15", at will
  6        67,000   6    "   "    "    "   Regeneration
  7       114,000   7    "   "    "    "   Cold, once/day
  8       197,000   8    "   "    "    "   Dim Door, See Invis
  9       340,000   9    "   "    "    "   Poly Others, Charm Mon
 10       560,000  10    "   "    "    "   Cold, Cold Ray
 11       780,000  11    "   "    "    "   Teleport, Enchant
         +420,000  +1                      

These are treated as a specialised form of fighter/magic-user. Some consider them to be elemental creatures of Earth and Air. They require the sum of the experience points required by both of the two classes to go up in level, and are treated as a split class for life-energy level purposes (i.e. 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 etc) but if one level is lost then all experience earned goes into regaining it rather than improving the other "class".

Ogre magi advance in fighting ability as fighters but use six-sided hit dice with one hit point gained per level above 11th, and are limited to chainmail and shield at most (this must fit one of their forms). AC is their armour class without any armour, Damage is the damage they do with a broadsword (of appropriate size) and Ht and Wt are their average height in feet and weight in pounds.

Ogre magi are rarely Good and the ones mixing freely with humans will usually be Neutral or Chaotic, those living in groups are usually Lawful or Neutral with Evil leaders. Ogre magi mixing with humans (homophilic) usually believe humans are of some use other than as slaves or food and may openly deride the attitude of their elitist brethren.

Strength: hit probability bonus
          15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
           - +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3

Strength: effective strength/damage bonus

Level   15    16    17    18    19    20    21    22
  1    11/0  13/0  15/0  16/+1 17/+2 18/+2 19/+3 20/+4
  2    12/0  14/0  16/0  17/+1 18/+2 19/+2 20/+3 21/+4
  3    13/0  15/0  16/+1 17/+2 18/+3 19/+3 20/+4 21/+5
  4    15/0  16/0  17/+1 18/+2 19/+3 20/+3 21/+4 22/+5

      Note: 18=18(01-50), 19=18(51-75), 20=18(76-90),
            21=18(91-99), 22=18(00).


All ogre magi have infravision and detect invisible range as normal vision; below 6th level they regenerate 1 point per turn. Optionally below 5th level they may Feather Fall at will. Ogre magi spell-like abilities do not require material components or spell books as they are innately magical creatures.

Sleep and Charm: these are as the magic-user spells each usable once per day.
Gained: 1st/2nd.

Polymorph: is as the magic-user spell Polymorph Self at will, but limited to humanoids 4 to 8 feet high (optionally limited to humans). Non-magical iron objects about the body larger than a buckle do not change size with them.
Gained: 3rd.

Invisibility: is at will, however they may not fight invisible and if broken there is at least 1 segment before it can be used again. While invisible can See Invisible even if below 8th level.
Gained: 4th.

Darkness: is 1" radius, at will and blocks all bar ogre magi infravision. Duration is up to 6 turns, dispelled at will, but only one area may exist at a time.
Gained: 4th.

Fly: is as the magic-user spell at will, but at 15" rather than 12"; it may be used to levitate if desired.
Gained: 5th.

Regeneration: is at 1 point per round immediately on being hit, regeneration may be stopped at will. Fire, acid and the severing of the head prevent regeneration.
Gained: 6th.

Cold: is a cone 6" long and 3" diameter usable once per day, and a second time per day at 10th level. Damage is (level+1)D6, hence at 7th level does 8D6. A pointing gesture is required to direct this.
Gained: 7th.

The following powers distinguish Ogre Magi the character class from Ogre Magi the monster, which are considered 7th level.

Dimension Door: is as the magic-user spell but usable 3/day, 5/day if Int is 16 or 17 and 7/day if Int is 18. An extra use/day is gained per level above 8th.
Gained: 8th.

See Invisible: functions continually and distinguishes the invisible from the visible.
Gained: 8th.

Spell Usage: allows use of spells as a magic-user of 4 levels less in all respects, except spell effects are at own level, e.g. at 8th level function as a 4th level magic-user but with 8th level spell effects. Roll to learn spells as a magic-user, no light or fire spells may be learned.
Gained: 8th.

Polymorph Others: is as the magic-user spell usable once per day.
Gained: 9th.

Charm Monster: is as the magic-user spell usable once per day.
Gained: 9th.

Cold Ray: is a 6" long, 1" diameter beam usable once per day which freezes creatures solid in ice unless they save V magic. If save then take (level/2)D6 damage (basic 5D6 at 10th). Defrosting is only possible by means of magical fire of at least level dice and a spell survival roll must be made, otherwise keep indefinitely.
Gained: 10th.

Teleport: is as the magic-user spell but is usable a number of times per day similar to Dimension Door. An extra use per day is gained per level above 11th.
Gained: 11th.

Enchant: enables construction of minor magical items (never great enchantments such as staves, robes, rods and great rings) as a Wizard of own level. However +50% time is required.
Gained: 11th.

Note that this variety of Ogre Magi does not gain the Gaseous Form ability, at any level, mainly because this makes them almost unplayable as player-characters. If DMs insist on allowing this, it should be gained at 7th level, but it is not recommended.

(c) Rory O. McLean, Dec. 1991
    Permission granted to use for non-profit making purposes