Shadowjack (Shadowlord, Shadow Walker) - ROM, 01/Jan/02

Prime Requisite: Dexterity (13+), also Strength 13+, Intelligence 15+ & Charism 15+
Hit dice: D6/level, +1/level>10th
                                   Spells      Shadow Power    Hide in
Level Experience  General Power  1 2 3 4 5  Movement      AC   Shadow
  1            0  Sense Magic    - - - - -  +50%         +1/7    35%
  2         1500  Hear Name      - - - - -  +100%        +1/6    40%
  3         4500  Read Magic     1 - - - -  Climb        +1/5    45%
  4         9000  Strength       2 - - - -  Blink I      +2/4    50%
  5        18000  Invisibility   2 1 - - -  Shift I      +2/3    60%
  6        36000  Healing        3 2 - - -  Vanish I     +2/2    70%
  7        72000  Cerem. Magic   3 2 1 - -  Blink II     +3/1    75%
  8       150000  Regeneration   4 3 2 - -  Shift II     +3/0    85%
  9       300000  Invulnerab'ty  4 3 2 1 -  VanishII     +3/-1   90%
 10       500000  Reverse Power  5 4 3 2 -  Teleport     +4/-2   95%
         +200000                 5 4 3 2 1               (max)   +1%

These are adventurers from an alien world where Light and Darkness are the elemental forces, they draw their power from the meeting of the two. In most worlds they are far less powerful than in their home only having a chance of entering the Shadows, however they regain their full powers as they gain experience in the flow of power in alien worlds. Their common personality is rather strange, and does not fit within the Law/Chaos and Good/Evil pattern; thus the spells to detect good/evil and alignment do not work on them. They are very proud and vengeful however they believe in fair play and will warn of vengence if at all possible. Generally kind to those not their enemies their alignment/bias could be considered to be Neutral/Neutral or Neutral/Good to most, Lawful/Good to their friends, and Lawful/Evil to their enemies and un-friends.

Their basic skill is that of thieving and they have the thievish abilities of a thief of their own level, with +10% Open Locks and +10% Move Silently; their ability to Hide in Shadows is rather different. As a thief they advance in fighting skill in steps of four levels/group; their saving throws are the best of thieves and illusionists but they gain +2 on saving throws involving light and darkness and +4 on those involving Shadow. Prefered weapons are light weight and involving skill, eg: epee, sling shot, long knife, throwing knife (optional: -1 H.prob with Broadsword, -2 H.prob 2-handed/bastard sword). They also have skill in unarmed combat gaining 1D4 open hand damage and +3AC (maximum AC4). Additionally they receive +2AC while fighting with a weapon in addition to normal fighter dexterity bonuses, no strength bonus above +2,+2 is gained.

Shadowjacks will wear no more armour than leather and will not use shields or bracers, they prefer magical rings/cloaks/amulets of protection. Use of magic tends towards scrolls which they can read at will at 3rd level, any suitable magic-user or illusionist scroll may be used as well as most items only usable to these whoes powers fit the shadowjack "style". They prefer not to use intelligent items or equipment which overshadows their own powers; they may use suitable charged wands at 5th level and charged staves at 7th. They may also use exotic scrolls and items of non-standard classes, again with the restriction on it fitting their "style".

Their spells are those of illusionists in most cases (DMs option, to allow suitable spells of other classes), gaining no Light or Darkness spells but Shadow spells of similar effect. eg: Shadow Spray, Continual Shadow; these require some light source and something to cast shadows, eg: a party with torches. Spells are usually cast as if an illusionist of two levels less, spells will not be used if think own powers will do.

Bright Sunlight makes them -2 H.prob unless the eyes are protected, flash pellet effects have double duration (note +2/10% save). Daylight and full Continual Light causes -1 H.prob unless protected, however have 9" range infravision and excellent night sight, if are of at least equal level to a caster of Continual Darkness they can see in it (6" range), -1"/level caster is higher. They have no shadow in direct sunlight.

Explanation of Abilities

Hide in Shadow: this is possible even if carefully watched as long as can move and make the required roll, a second attempt is possible the next turn/after 9 rounds if fail. The various Shadow Movement Powers and the Shadow AC only apply if are within shadow. To Hide in Shadow there must be a light source and something to cast a shadow. Magic may not be used while within shadow and entering shadow breaks all non-permanent spells that have been cast (includes all control effects, and also applies to another taken within shadow). When enter shadow may permit a willing friend being touched or an opponent in melee within 5' to enter as well. An unwilling creature may be forced into shadow if suprised or overpowered. The creature with the shadowjack is protected as the shadowjack from things outside shadow (eg: Invisibility, Invulnerability) and Shadow Power Movement may be used on the pair as if were three levels less, Teleport may not be used. A shadowjack may speak from the shadows without leaving them. May eject companion from shadows without leaving them, this will not be used to harm though possibly to imprison.

Shadow Power: the shadow movement powers only apply if are within shadow, the shadow AC to an opponent who is within shadow with the shadowjack. The movement powers are as indicated, the first two are increased speed while in shadow, probably 18" and 24". Blink I is as a Blink Dog (D12: 1= before opponent, 2= left front flank, 3= right front flank, 4-12= behind; altered appropriatly if not trying to come in behind) range up to 6" line-of-sight in shadow, leave shadow on arrival. Shift I is instant movement range upto 12" line-of-sight in shadow, leave shadow on arrival. Vanish I is movement at full speed but out-of-phase, may strike ethereal/out-of-phase things but if hit then leave shadow, on "phaseing in" leave shadow. Climb means may walk up sheer walls or along ceilings at full speed, may be combined with increased speed and Vanish. Blink II is as Blink but may stay in shadow on arrival, Vanish II and Shift II are similarly improved forms of Vanish and Shift. Teleport means may move to up to far side of connected shadow instantaneously with no risk, and may stay in shadow on arrival, the ability to make the voice come from as many parts of a shadowed area are in as desired is also gained. Shadow AC is the best of the two values, ie: +n on AC worn/AC.

Sense Magic: gives a 10% chance/level will note magic done on self, 5% chance/level sucessfully identify it (max 50% identify chance); if in shadow this power applies to all of the area of the shadow, up to sight/12".

Hear Name: will automatically hear own name and any conversation following it if will, if shadow covers the mouth of the speaker. Range: unlimited.

Read Magic: allows use of scrolls, and understanding of magical works.

Strength: while not using shadows for any other purpose and may place a part of the body within shadow then can draw and hence increase strength 2 points/round, to a max of 17 total if only a (part of a) limb is within shadow, 19 if two limbs or a limb and part of torso, 21 if half of body and up to double own strength if totally in shadow. Maximum H.prob bonus is +2; damage bonus is at least +2 at 17 or greater; if basic strength is 13/14, then boosted to 16/17 gives +50% damage or +2; 18/19 is +75% or +3; 20/21 is +100%; 22/23 is +125%; 24/28 is +150%; 29/30 is +175%, 31/32 is +200% (maximum). Strength above 32 is only effectively useful in grappling. Always take maximum damage bonus, eg: do 1 point damage with 32 strength, take +3 damage not +2 (+200%). On leaving shadows to attack after having raised strength to personal maximum then strength is 21 if suprise/get initiative, and 19 otherwise, for one blow. If partly in shadow could use strength to break locks/holds or drag another into shadow (see Hide in Shadow). Strength bonus is additive with Striking Silently (by suprise) bonus to a maximum of triple damage.

Invisibility: while in shadow are not visible even to people with infravision and to those with See Invisible are seen as a blurred, featureless figure slightly darker than the shadow; do not detect as invisible.

Healing: may heal self two points/round while partially in shadow and not actively drawing strength, while totally in shadow 1D6 points/turn with a minimum of three. May heal any form of damage.

Ceremonial Magic: requires much time, knowledge of names, symbols and possibly materials. May produce effects up to power/spells of a magic-user or illusionist of own level safely, more with risk. (Campaigns.)

Regeneration: regenerate 1 point per turn while partially within shadow, 2 while totally in shadow, independent of other activities and from any form of damage. If were lying in shadow but had not tried to Hide in Shadow would recover 1D4 points per game turn (10mins).

Invulnerability: while totally in shadow may only be hit by an opponent not in shadow using +3 weapons or better and effective armour class is -6, weapon bonuses are at -3. May only be affected by spells of an illusionist of at least the same level and a magic-user of at least two levels greater with +3 on all saving throws and half damage, are immune to breath weapons.

Reverse Power: while totally in shadow may turn the power (not spells) that a creature has used, while shadowjack has been in shadow, back on the creature up to three times, eg: dragon breath on a dragon, blood drain, energy drain (eg: on a vampire), confusion. Acts as gaze reflection on visual attacks, returned spell-like abilities reduce save by 10 and magic resistance by 50%, (eg: Ogre Magi Darkness; demon Charm Person, Fear; Yeti Paralysis; Ghoul Paralysis).

Shadowjack's Souls

These are not accessable to any thing bar full gods and the shadowjack after being killed. A killed shadow jack may be raised if attempted within 22-constitution days, a failed raise and another attempt is not possible. Otherwise the shadowjack is reincarnated in a new body as the old one with the same characteristics and full memory on the home plane after 3D20-constitution game years, minimum 4. Treat each body as a totally new one for maximum number of ressurections. Wishes and Limited Wishes will not work after the ressurection limit unless made on the shadowjack home plane.

(c) Rory O. McLean, 1980 - Jun. 2004
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