Fast Generator - ROM, 14/Oct/90

These are some very rough rules for a 'fast generator' system to quickly produce characters for an RPG. This has been used in a number of settings, and a group of about six players experienced in RPGs can do their characters in about 20mins total. The 'HS' refered to below is for comparison to Hero System, which FastGen characters have frequently been converted to and played under.

Characteristics or Statistics (CHA or Stat)

STAT                ABBREV
Strength             STR
Quickness            QUI
Toughness            TOU
Intelligence         INT
Willpower            WIL
Charisma             CHA
Divide 25 points between the 6 Characteristics; 3pts is Normal/average:
POINTS         VALUE                HS
  1            Very Weak           ( 5)
  2            Weak                ( 8)
  3            Normal              (10)
  4            Above Normal        (13)
  5            Strong              (15)
  6            Very Strong         (18)
  7            Ridiculously Strong (20)
  9            Make Me Laugh       (23)
Choose your character description and divide 7 points between things appropriate to that sort of character, e.g. Psionic: Psi Powers, Cyborg: Implants, Superhero: Powers, Magician: Spell Groups, Agent: Skill Groups, Warrior: Combat Types. Normals are the exception and dont get any points to divide, but they get the points as the game progresses.

3pts is Normal/average as above, 7pts is about as good as there is but over-specialised; 5/2, 4/3, 5/1/1, 4/2/1, or 3/3/1 are all quite common distributions.

Finally 7pts may be divided between character personality and background details. For example "Dislikes Bureacrats" would be 1pt, and "Always Honourable" would be 5pts, "Unlucky" would varry from 1-3pts as might "Curious". In a fixed background campaign "Hunted", "Watched", "Rivalry", "Romance" "Friend" and others would also be appropriate.

Included below is a blank template or skeleton for a Fast Generator character.

                              - Fast Generator (           )

Val  CHA  Pts  Pts       Attribute                           Roll
     STR                                                       -
     QUI                                                       -
     TOU                                                       -
     INT                                                       -
     WIL                                                       -
     CHA                                                       -
          ___  ___ 
                   = Total

                         Background                         Pts




(c) Rory O. McLean, October 1990

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