Nano Bio - ROM, 19/Aug/04

This is the 'bio' that was published along with a number of articles on Nano Tsunami.

Rory McLean has been interested in all matters scientific and technical, for as long as he can remember. His childhood interests included chemistry and electronics, and he was, and continues to be, an avid reader of science fiction. He studied chemistry, physics and biology at school, with an aim to obtaining a degree in chemistry and biochemistry, but ended up, as so many people seem to do, in computing.

He has worked, for more than twenty-five years, in the computing industry, both technical and commercial. In the mid-1990's he completed a Master's Degree in "Human Factors in IT Systems". This enabled him to formalise his long interest in making computers fit people, rather than making people fit the computers!

Currently he lives in the East Midlands of England, and takes a keen interest in the scientific and technical developments of the twenty-first century. While not convinced that the wildest claims which have been made on behalf of nantechnology will be fulfilled, he strongly believes that a wide range of useful technical developments will occur. In particular he is interested in the massive impact these will have on society, and is concerned that the general public is fully informed.

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