Index to Technologists

This is the introduction to version 4.11 of the 'Technologist' character class for (A)D&D.

It has been produced as it corrects the small number of the errors that crept into version 4.0, and merges into the general spec' the separate vehicles and robot building rules. As a result there are massive additions to MechDev and some changes to TranDev. In addition some of the short-comings of the Reality Generator rules have been addressed, some of the high-level matter transmutation and creation devices renamed, and a number of devices added to plug holes either structural or esthetic. Also LifeDev has been split out of BioDev, InfoDev has been split out of ProgDev, and CreaDev has been split (mostly) out of RealDev. The device lists have been split into a main and additional/optional part, and in this DemiPro, DemiInf and GodDev have been split out of DemiDev, Systems added to list systems of devices, and a number of new lists added. Another major change is that almost all hyphens have been removed from device names.

The character class specification consists of the following files:

Index   - Index                                     2
Techs   - Technologists                             8
TechNWP - Technologist Non-weapon Prof.            11
TecNote - Technology Notes                          7

AlchDev - Alchemical Devices                       14
AuraDev - Aura Devices                              6
BioDev  - Biological Devices                       16
BlasDev - Blaster Devices                           6
CompDev - Computer Devices                         11
CreaDev - Creation Devices                          9
DefeDev - Defence Devices                           5
EnviDev - Environmental Devices                    15
FFieDev - Force Field Devices                       9
InfoDev - Information Devices                       9
LaseDev - Laser Devices                             3
LifeDev - Life Devices                             18
MechDev - Mechanical Devices                       13
ModiDev - Modification Devices                     11
PowHDev - Power Handling Devices                   15
ProgDev - Programming Devices                      19
RealDev - Reality Devices                           6
SensDev - Sensor Devices                           16
TranDev - Transport Devices                        13
WeapDev - Weapon Devices                            8
                                    Total Pages = 244

And there are the additional (optional) files:

DemiDev - Demigod Devices                          16
DemiInf - Demigod Information Devices               3
DemiPro - Demigod Programming Devices               3
GhosDev - Ghost Space Devices                       2
GodDev  - God Devices                               5
ObsoDev - Obsolete Devices                          1
PsiADev - Psionic Ability Devices                   4
ReioDev - Reioplasm Devices                         6
ReliDev - Religious Devices                         8
UnEtDev - Un-Ethical Devices                        2

And other files:

Biblio  - Bibliography                              1
GURPS   - Technology under GURPS                    8
HeroSys - Hero System D&D Technology Skills         3
Techni  - Technician Character Class                3

BioCons - Bio Constructs                            5
Charact - Character Examples                        3
StarHor - Star Horses                               3
Systems - System Devices                           15
Treasur - Technological Treasure Tables            12

Please note that the above page counts may well be not up to date, as they have not been checked recently. Also, that this is not a complete version of the Technologist character class specification, as currently the Additional Devices and the Additional Rules sections are not online, and are not planned to be. It is hoped that the cross referencing will be improved at some point.

(c) Rory O. McLean, Jul. 2001
    Permission granted to use for non-profit making purposes