What's New?

25th June 2017

Added West Worlds Campaign

30th November 2016

Initial site copy from 'www.romsys.demon.co.uk' (further edits are needed).

29th November 2016

Altered e-mail address to 'rory@romfan.uk'.

28th January 2016

Added Raspberry Pi references

2nd July 2015

Added Campaigns

27th May 2015

Added Techno Bard

17th May 2015

Fixed web site icons after move from Demon Internet to Namesco.
Added Land Mage

12th April 2006

Nanotechnology section, including articles posted on Nano Tsunami.
Added Nanotech section

16th February 2006

Renamed 'gods' directory to 'god', added 'constru' directory, moved 'Construction Spells and Constructions' to 'constru' directory.
Added Tech Priest Spells

8th February 2006

Added Construction Spells and Constructions

5th February 2006

Updated Clerics and Gods
Added Priests of Hephaestus
Added Priests of The Great Scientist
Added Tegus - The Great Scientist
Added Priests of Thoth

4th February 2006

Added Monsters
Added Thermo Fungi

1st December 2005

Added (Space) Dryad

26th August 2005

Updated Other and Race
Added Ninja
Added Class Builder
Added Doppleganger
Added Marigold

25th August 2005

Updated Alchemy
Added Moulder class

6th December 2004

Added Trurl

5th December 2004

Updated Finagle and added Mota

22th August 2004

'Ergists - minimal changes and hyperlinks added

20th August 2004

Necromancers - minor re-write

6th August 2004

Updated Enchantment for D&D - major additions

5th August 2004

Updated (A)D&D General - major additions

4th August 2004

Updated Alchemy for AD&D - major additions

Corrected HTML on all index pages. In preparation for major site update.

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